Market Makers & ECNs

When you get involved in the day trading industry, you hear the term ‘market makers’ thrown around a lot… But what does it really mean? Who are the market makers? Why do they matter to MOJO Day Traders? A ‘market maker’ is a broker-dealer firm that accepts the risk of holding a certain number of shares of a particular security in order to facilitate trading in that security. There are over 500 market makers and each competes for customer order flow by displaying buy and sell quotations for a guaranteed number of shares. Once an order is received, the market maker immediately sells from its own inventory or seeks an offsetting order. This process takes place in mere seconds, which is why

Winning Style - You Have It or Don't?

See the difference here between Winners and Losers Basic common sense of life, and the school of believing in yourself. Taking the Winning Game to all aspects of your life. So you want to be a winner in day trading then you better be good at it. If you suck at golf then don't try to be a Pro Golfer. If you are tone deaf and you sing like a crying dog then you should NOT become a rock star. However, if you have the skills and believe your an all-star and can do it - then you can and nobody can stop you. Over the past year I have gotten to know ProTrader Mike pretty well. He focuses on a few things and does them very well. Inorder are the following: 1. Famiy - married with 2 kids and cool p

How To Make A Comeback

Monday can always be a crazy day especially when the marklets start off RED! This morning, we got off to a big of a bumpy start in the MOJO Day Trading Room. Straight out, MOJO made a boo boo by trading RED stocks againstthe trend. See MOJO "liked what that stock" but the market told MOJO different. So what did MOJO Journal today? "Trade What You See Not What You Think" It seemed like as soon as the announcement was made to pick up shares of $SUNE, its value crashed! What a disappointment! Needless to say, this was an underwhelming start to the day. You know when you do really great at something and you had to make a hard decision that proved in your favor? Well that happened

MOJO - A Hero (No Way)

Playing the stock market isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have patience, emotional control and a lot of courage, this is not the game for you. Today’s trading and wild action in the market proves this point. This morning, the MOJO Team put on one of the best performances of the month! It was an all-around team effort, led by the day’s big hero, ProTrader Mike. ProTrader Mike showed the team why experience pays off, as he called for the team to be patient, rather than panic during the $SVXY trade. Many other trading room moderators would have panicked, due to a lack of experience and journaling, which would have led many MOJO ProTraders to lose their accounts. Instead, ProTrader Mike told

The MOJO Gold Miners

MOJO Day Trading Team is in the home stretch of September 2015 and what a month it has been! This month, MOJO has hit bedrock several times, and for those that know Gold Mining that means your on GOLD!! The past 60 days ProTrader Mike has picked 17 for 17 Gold Stock Picks in a row. This is for the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter, but the stocks are also trading each day for scalping opportunities in the Day Trade Room. September has been a phenomenal month for both MOJO Day & Swing Traders! Every Sunday evening the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter goes out - try to get it into the inbox by 11:00pm. The level of research done Sunday night to select the Top 5 Picks for the week is made up of 20 year

THE (9) to (5)

What does having a 9-5 job really mean? Is it really as straightforward as working from 9am to 5pm? Well, as most of you already know, the true realities of the 9-5 lifestyle are not very glamorous. The reality is something more like this: Wake up about 7am to get cleaned up, dressed, and have some breakfast. Leave the house about 8am to deal with the long morning commute and the inevitable traffic. You sit down at your desk at 9am and if you are a minute late, your boss may write you up with a documented warning. If you are lucky, you will get a 15 or 20 minute break at about 10:30. At noon, you will have a lunch hour, most likely eating fattening and poor quality cafeteria food


What is shorting a stock? The definition of shorting a stock, according to is: “The sale of a security that is not owned by the seller, or that the seller has borrowed. Short selling is motivated by the belief that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price to make a profit.” Day Traders have many different strategies. The most dangerous is called "shorting" when you bet for the stock to go lower not higher. Why is so dangerous? Because unlike a long position that goes against you the max you can lose with a short is UNLIMITED. Let's say you buy 1,000 shares at $5.00 and the stock goes to $0 - your max loss is $5000. Now let's say

The Heinz Trade Play

If you spend even one morning trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room with me you hear me say the phrase "positive expectancy". You see, every single trade made in the MOJO Day Trading Room is made with positive expectations. Very simply, positive expectancy is expecting the trade to work in your favor 100% of the time. This happens because a certain situation sets itself up and is what they call a "slam dunk" or in poker "you got the nuts". Every winning system is based upon Positive Expectancy. Examples of Positive Expectancy Getting up in the morning - I'll bet on that Eat Food when your starving - I'll bet on that Stand in the Bright Sun at the beach - get tan - I'll bet on that Stand o


Have you ever heard the saying: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Well, it is a very true statement. Life is what you make it. Perspective is everything. When it comes to opportunities in life, everybody is going to view the opportunity as something different, because of their unique perspective. The saying: different strokes for different folks, certainly rings true. When it comes to trading, everyone is going to have a different perspective. Everybody has a different life. People have different financial, personal, and professional situations that grant them their unique view point. So, all traders have different goals and expectations. That is why MOJO Day Trading makes it

It's Marathon Not a Sprint

Last night MOJO received an email from a MOJO trader. He wrote to me out of desperation, as he had recently funded a trading account with $250,000 and went against MOJO advice (went off the reservation) that the market would crash and he paid big time. When it was all said and done, his account quickly dropped on the 1,000 point day drop and cost him $200,000, dropping his account all the way down to $50,000. Needless to say, he was beside himself. He couldn’t believe it and was feeling completely desperate. He contacted MOJO and said that he needed a trading pick that could get him 100% of his money back and he needed the pick now! This is where MOJO needed to stop him and remind him:


While the reading and analysis of the Level 2 is the basis of all MOJO trades, it is also quite important that traders understand the other technical indicators that are used by MOJO ProTraders. MOJO wanted to briefly go over Bollinger bands and the Stochastic Indicator, to give you some additional insights. Bollinger bands were developed in the late 1980s by John Bollinger, a long-time technician of the markets. He developed the technique of using a moving average with two trading bands above and below it. Bollinger bands are able to adjust themselves to market conditions by measuring price volatility using a standard deviation calculation. Bollinger bands expand and contrast as the price


I am sure most of you are very familiar with the famous Kenny Rogers song, “The Gambler”. If not, the lyrics go a little something like this: “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Well, today in the MOJO Day Trading Room these lyrics came to life in real time, as we traded $ACRX on the open. Unfortunately for us, as soon as we entered this stock, things just did not go our way. The stock quickly dropped in value, making it readily apparent to the MOJO Traders that it was time to ‘fold ‘em’ and sell off the shares of this trade for a loss. This is supposed to be a bad thing, right? WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! In fact, I have to say,


​ If you have done any trading over the past few weeks, you are well aware that the current market has absolutely no mercy. People are blowing up accounts left and right, and the market is simply showing no mercy whatsoever to the unguided and unprepared traders. Very few traders can succeed on their own, especially when the market is so volatile and unforgiving. You are much better off with a team of Pro’s backing you up along with a dedicated mentor who has done and seen it all when it comes to day trading. Look, you don’t show up one day and climb Mt. Everest alone. You have to get the necessary training and equipment and then find an elite team to journey with. At MOJO Day Trading, yo


One of the best aspects of being a MOJO ProTrader is the freedom it gives you!! The MOJO trading business is a 20 day a month running operation. 18/20 days the business is over in 60 minutes. That's all it takes making a few high probability trading scoring aggressively a few times per day is enough for the account to grow by leaps and bounds. It add up!! How does that sound? With MOJO you can log in at 9:30am and be done for the day with 1%-5% Equity Return added to your account by 10:30am. What's better than that? Then, you are free to go and do what you want with your day, whether it be family time, a round of golf, or lunch with friends. Can you feel the freedom? This morning was a


​ The Gold Wave has been easy to ride if you have that Love/Hate MOJO - when the stock drops big everyone "hates" it then it drops more and they have "voodoo" upon it. MOJO starts the buying in the "hate" zone and goes big when the "voodoo" appears. Now, If you have been following the MOJO twitter feed or reading the MOJO daily blog updates, you are already well aware that MOJO Day Trading has been on a gold and oil rush! My oh my, have some big profits been made! Earlier in the week, posted how MOJO struck oil and cashed in big time on the oil stocks, such as $USO (United States Oil Fund) and $UWTI (Velocity Shares 3X Crude Oil) . Now, draw your attention to the MOJO Gold Rush! MOJO trade

Top 5 Qualities of a MOJO ProTrader

1. Patience: All MOJO ProTraders know that patience is key to their success as a day trader. If you are impatient, don't even dream of trying out day trading, because you will inevitably lose! Patience is required, as you often need to wait for the perfect moment to execute a buy or sell, if you miss it, even by just a few seconds, you are out of luck. There are days where patience is 100% the key to the success of the MOJO Room. If we were impatient, we would buy or sell to early, and get crushed. The market is as unforgiving as it has ever been, so make sure you give yourself your best chance to win by being patient. 2. Good Instincts: MOJO ProTraders are proactive, rather than rea

Hurricane Season

It's that time of the year - Hurricane Season. Last week the market got drenched with Hurricane force selloing as the markets dropped over 1000 points. Here is image of that day. Hurrican Erika showed up this weekend and brought another gale force of selling to the markets as today ended down 469 points. Every clioud has a silver lining and that for mOJO is our UVXY position. See we have had that LONG in the portfoilio for over 6 months now and some traders have the stock with a cost under $30.00 - Did you see where UVXY high was today at $91.25 - all this has happened within the past 30 days folks. A truly monumentous trade play for MOJO traders. Now that is old history as a new month alway

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