Don't worry there is still time left to get your stock business in order. Last week’s volatile market showed it's face for first time in a while. Since 1928 the month of September has been the worst performing month of the year. You know what they say "history repeats itself" and I am not someone to buck the trend. As the year is quickly going to be ending, it is time to ask yourself: “Have you performed as well as you planned in 2016?” Did your plan play out as expected? If so great if not not so great. The greats MOJO can make you better and the not so greats MOJO can teach you to win. How are you planning to end the last Quarter of 2016? Same as first 3 Q's? There has never been a better

MOJO Summer Madness

You here them say it's a Summer Rally in the stockmarket - well for now on it's going to be called MOJO Summer Madness. The best gets better, the streak continues, the fire cannot be put out! This is the Summer of MOJO! I have already declared this is the best month in MOJO history, but I simply can’t believe the amazing movement of some of these stocks. Using the MOJO Swing Trade System of picking stocks this month. Take a look.... $MPET, $STEM, $MJNA, $GBR, $SNTA To find out how I have been using positive expectancy and upside appreciation of these stocks to create the best earnings month in MOJO history, check out these results from this month of trading, which will show you all the pick


What a great month to be a subscriber of the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter. StemCells Inc (STEM) = MOJO Swing pick on 7/24 Sunday Night Newsletter pick cost $.38 sold today for a 439% gain. (See Image Below) Magellan Petroleum MOJO Swing pick on 7/24 Sunday Night Newsletter pick cost $1.20 sold into $4.50 for a 275% gainer.(See Image Below) Highlighting these 2 Home Runs and the rest of the results here > Watch today's MOJO Show Trading STEM LIVE!! Become a subscriber today and get next Sunday's picks.


How can so many people be so wrong about the same thing? Guess that adds to the curve that 9 out 10 traders fail. Pretty hard when the house bets against you. Watch today's MOJO Show...

Pro Traders Workshop Webinar

Hi MOJO, I am giving an awesome webinar and your invited. Investor Inspiration: Pro Traders Workshop Wednesday, August 17th 11:30 am to 5:30 pm EDT Your panel of 7 will share knowledge that has taken them decade’s worth of time and money to accumulate. Investor Inspiration Online Training Conference Gain valuable knowledge that will give you a competitive advantage in the markets. Learn about several markets and investment philosophies in this must attend event. Watch as they take you step by step through their trading strategies and demonstrate techniques that have made them successful. Register Today Your benefits of attending: Get the latest details on major market levels Top secrets & r

Trading Lesson: The Power of Journaling

“JOURNAL IT...Write everything down, it will only make you better.” – ProTrader Mike As a new student in MOJO University you will see how vitally important it is to journal and record keep all your trades. 90% Students in class are new to trading and have not developed winning habits. All my students tell me for a fact that this advice has a lot of meaning, both in everyday and trading. All new students promise to take diligent notes on their trading, writing down when they bought a stock, what entry points, what profit targets and exit points, everything. Anything to do with the trade, traders must write that down. You supposed to record every trade both winners and losers and you should r

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