You better watch out, you better not cry, ProTrader Mike is going to tell you why...the Dow Jones and the stock market are about to take a crashing you know....What is the Megaphone Pattern? A megaphone pattern is illustrated in the following diagram: The considered bearish, indicating that the current uptrend may reverse to form a new downtrend. A Megaphone Top is rare and must be played with patience. This develops after a strong advance and can last several weeks. The creation of the megaphone pattern reflects a period of time when bulls and bears are battling to gain control of the market. The pattern occurs after the bulls have been charging and driving the market much higher as we have

Are You Crazy Like The Stock Market?

BOO!! Halloween is coming and The stock market has been very crazy scary as of late. Gold stocks are up and 10% to 20% on a daily basis as the Dow flies up 100 and ends down 200 and vice versa. This WORLD is one big pressure pot, ready to pop and whistle at any time. The anticipation is killer. The terrorist threats, oil, interest rates, hundreds of companies are going to face bankruptcy. The market just came from 17,900 back to 18,200 and now ready to retest 18,000 in the midst of all this turmoil. The markets are turning Neutral now then Bearish and leading to a long awaiting recovery. Are you ready for this? Is your portfolio geared with holdings that will make money as hedge if the mark

Hurricane Season

THERE IS A MAJOR MARKET CORRECTION GOING TO TAKE PLACE. LOOK LAST YEAR AT THIS POST FROM SEPT LAST YEAR WHEN THE DOW DROPPED 1000 POINTS IN ONE DAY TO 15,410. NOW THE DOW IS 18,329 AND THE PARTY IS OVER. BACK THEN UVXY WAS $90 NOW ITS $15 It's that time of the year - Hurricane Season. Last week the market got drenched with Hurricane force selling as the markets dropped over 1000 points. Here is image of that day. Hurricane Erika showed up this weekend and brought another gale force of selling to the markets as today ended down 469 points. Every cloud has a silver lining and that for MOJO is our UVXY position. See we have had that LONG in the portfolio for over 6 months now and some traders h

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