Day Trading For A Living Basics

With Day Trading really started big when electronic trading started. The stocks in today's NASDAQ that trade by the decimal point used to trade by the fraction. The spreads used to be a lot bigger The advantage was to the large institutional and not the small trader. Until one SOES went into effect. Small traders found a loophole in the system and took advantage of it. Read more here = Small Order Execution System (SOES) Things do change in this life and slowly people are realizing and not listening to the grand folks anymore. Hey long term buy and hold just does not work and swing trading sucks and is stressful. Like the masses say day trading is gambling as they g


One of the best things about the stock market, is that certain events that can cause stock prices to spike or drop. These events happen several times each year. Mark you calendars, December 14th the FOMC will meet and announce if they will change interest rates. What does this mean for stocks? Right now big money cannot get any interest in the $$$ due to low rates. Now if they raise rates the big $$ can take money out of market and get a decent return with no risk. Hence a huge drop in the market is possible. Traders all over the world will tune in for the opportunity to make big $$$$ trading the outcome. MOJO ProTraders are ready for what could be the first increase in 2016, and a huge trad

Happy Holidays From MOJO Traders

This is what it's all about: Family, Making Money, Health, Wealth, and the list goes on. MOJO traders are worldwide and being part of a family of like minded goal oriented traders all with the same mission makes it much harder to fail. On your own so many things can go wrong. When everyone is making money it makes it a heck of a lot easier. Then when the holidays come around its the most joyous time of the year and not the most dreaded. Become a trader today and make your all your holidays filed with MOJO!

The Santa Claus Rally Came Early This Year

Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus came early for the market and MOJO traders long some great small cap picks. Who would have ever thought with world turmoil and the elections that after Trump gets elected the market rallies from 18,000 to 19,600. Many famous Wall Street Gurus like George Soros that bet for the market to drop big were wrong. Then they doubled down and the market went even higher. Goes to show you must stay in tune with the market and adapt to what works. All I know is the MOJO Swing picks continue to outperform any market or investment in the world today. How can anyone be picking better stocks than MOJO? It's just the overwhelming responses MOJO has received from happy traders and the ch

Day Trade For A Living Webinar

Today I had some fun delivering the mission of MOJO Day Trading to the world. Please enjoy the webinar below 😀 HOW TO BECOME A PROTRADER MOJO Day Trading provides the education and tools necessary for anyone to trade the stock market and potentially replace or exceed prior income, providing a lifetime of financial security. 🤑 Meet ProTrader Alan Meet ProTrader Lobster

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