What's Your Motto & Trading Day Like?

This past Thursday night 8pm to 10pm I held class MOJO University. After the homework assignment all the students had to come back with their trading motto's. The idea behind this is for the future ProTraders to create a motivational statement that they can repeat to themselves every morning to get in the zone, focus, and execute on the process resulting in making money! There were some amazing responses: Personally, a few stand out to me. I really enjoy Trader Gary: 1) Honor the pillars, or trades will be account killers. 2) Follow the plan, or my account's in the can. 3) Snappin' necks, cashin' checks. Going along with this idea, ProTrader Klopp motto is: “I am a badass market assassin tr

5 Reasons to Trade with MOJO in 2017

By now, it is nearly certain that you have come to realize the dominance of ProTrader Mike and the MOJO ProTraders in the day trading industry. Time and time again, the MOJO Team has dominated the market while others struggled to even make a profit. But, did you know that ProTrader Mike is also a phenomenal swing trader? That’s right, the MOJO Team has been profiting on more than one front, as we believe in the importance of diversifying and maximizing our incomes! So what are the benefits of swing trading? To answer this, we compiled 5 compelling reasons to swing trade in 2017. 1. Works great if you have a 9 to 5 job Many people have a 9 to 5 job that is not conducive to day trading. They

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