MOJO Tuition Rebate Program

Get Your Trading Education Paid For With The Tuition Rebate Program Generously Provided by Cobra Trading MOJO University produces some of the best retail day traders in the industry, and Cobra Trading agrees! ProTraders that graduate MOJO University tend to become lifetime traders — which is a dream come true for brokers. That’s why Cobra Trading wants to pay for your trading education. They want you to succeed and are willing to pay for it. Introducing The Cobra Trading Tuition Rebate Program: Through an exclusive offer and partnership with Cobra Trading, you can now save 25% on your commissions toward your purchase of the following products: • MOJO Day Trading Room Annual Membership

Interactive Smorgasbord | MOJO University

MOJO University is now an interactive smorgasbord of amazing stock market education and advanced learning ... check it out ... Start With The Trader Courses For $5 ... Then More Advanced ProTrader Courses $45 ... Go To School For $195 ... Then The Most Powerful Stock Trading Profit System ... The University Courses $495

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