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Step #1: Establish New Role and Job Posting

- Create a new executive-level job posting on your LinkedIn account, specifying the role, responsibilities, and the qualifications you are looking for.
- Craft a compelling ad that highlights the unique aspects of your company, its growth potential, and the opportunity for potential candidates to invest in its success.
- Share the draft ad with your network or colleagues for feedback before final approval.
- Once approved, publish the ad on your LinkedIn page and other high-level hiring sites targeting professionals with convenience store experience.


Step #2: Video Presentation and Candidate Filtering

- Develop a video presentation highlighting key aspects of your company, the specific role, and the capital-raising opportunity.
- Use this video to pre-interview potential candidates, gauging their interest and alignment with the company's growth goals.
- Filter out candidates based on their responses and interest in becoming partners and investing in the company.

Step #3: Pre-Interview Appointment Booking + Term Sheet

- After the pre-interview, assess candidates' interest, qualifications, and financial liquidity for capital investment.
- If a candidate aligns with your criteria, provide them with a non-binding term sheet outlining various levels of the capital raise.
- Specify the levels of investment and corresponding benefits, such as what they get for investing $500K or $1.0MM.

Step #4: Signed Term Sheet and Team Meeting

- Collect the signed term sheet from interested candidates.
- Schedule a meeting to introduce the candidate to your team, discuss the role, and finalize potential agreements.
- Provide details for the agreement, finalize it collaboratively, and discuss securing funds in escrow.

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