"The MOJO Challenge" is for new traders looking for guidance and capital to day trade. First, while taking the MOJO University Day Trading Course you will trade on a simulated DEMO platform for one month. Make profits with $60,000 in virtual buying power then get the chance to trade with firm capital. You will get one-on-one trade reviews with ProTrader Mike so your trading improves each day. Challenge yourself to be profitable then start your own day trading business.

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during your first month learn by demo trading with trade reviews from ProTrader Mike

STEP #5 = Start Trading Live With Mojo System You Learned 

Start hitting your daily goals, use tracking sheets, run your own day trading business

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Real-Time Level 2
Replicate reality with real-time level 2 feeds directly from NASDAQ and all major exchanges. Includes full ECN book ARCA, BATS, EDGX and many more. Advanced Order Entry for beginner traders with Market Buy and Market Sell buttons. 
Advanced Charting
Link the Level 2 and Charts together for the most advanced charting software with all the technical studies you need.
Real-Time Trading
Monitor all your orders, share sizes, positions, executions with state of the art advanced trading technologies.

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