Discover A Proven Trading System
That Works So
You Can Kick The Markets Ass

Imagine if you had a system for your trading so it made it almost impossible to lose money?

What if every time you placed a trade with the system YOU won?

Would you want that SYSTEM?


How much would YOU pay to learn that system?

Hello Traders,


My name is ProTrader Mike and I have been a trader for over 25 years now. For the past 8 years, I have created the Mojo Day Trading Chat room along with Online Stock Trading Courses that have taught hundreds of traders how to day trade like professionals.

The first thing I am going to teach you is a "glitch" I've discovered in the stock market that when used correctly hits winner after winner. 


How do I know this?


Because the proof is"in the pudding" as they say...


Meet ProTrader Alan, my first student in 2012 who paid me $2,000 to teach him privately my system and strategies. He has not had one losing day since November of 2014. Yes that's right folks, your reading this correctly...


ProTrader Alan has not had One (1) Losing day since November 2014...


Listen to him here... minute 4:57

And here are some more typical results from the chat room...

Now, I’m not sharing these to brag. It’s not about me…

It’s about you, the trader who is sick and tired of losing money on trades and paying a high cost for education.


So if you want to stop wasting days and your precious money then I'll reveal to you my Mojo University Online Day Trading Course...

Now you're probably wondering and thinking what so great about it?

The courses are the same course traders have been succeeding with since 2012 but now they are available to you for $397.


All you have to do is become a member of the Chat Room service at $149/month then start watching the day trading course immediately for $397.


In one month you can learn everything you need to become the next Pro Day Trader. 

What if you are already one of the statistics?

9 out of 10 day traders fail...


Did you know...


  • Your firm and your broker are trading against you

  • The market makers are trading against you

  • Your own chat room moderators are trading against you


Makes it pretty damn difficult to win don't you think?


Well time for a 360 degree change for you...


I’ve back-tested and re-tested over and over this SYSTEM and it just plain out WORKS!


To do that I've have had to spend…

  1. Stock Market Data Research ($2,400/year)

  2. Stock Trading Platform Feeds ($1,800/year)

  3. Python Programmers ($10,000)

What's the end result?

Testing more than 100,000 trades over 7 years of trading data with a 90% win rate*. The system is easy to learn and can be applied immediately. 

*results vary for different traders.

What you’ll learn:

  • The world famous MOJO Heinz Trade Play and how you can achieve above 90% win rate.

  • How to maximize your wins with one small hack that instantly improves your stock trading returns by ten fold.

  • How to manage your account through the profits and losses.


Clearly, this trading system isn’t based on assumptions or theories.

Rather, it’s backed by statistics and numbers (and as you know, numbers don’t lie).

This means you can become 1000% confident in what you’ll learn is based on proven successes and not just stories.


How much more profitable you’ll be if you’re using a proven trading system that give you such a trading edge?

5 Star Rated Online Day Trading Chat Room

There’s a good chance you’ve seen me (or my trading) somewhere…


Maybe you've been to the Mojo Day Trading Chat Room with over 600 members or my YouTube channel which has more than 2,200 live trading videos and hundreds of thousands of views…

Or because you’ve seen my work featured somewhere…

I do a daily show on YouTube - this one video goes over my 2 systems used for day trading the other for swing trading...

Online Day Trading Course

Here’s the deal:

The Mojo courses are the BEST in the world period. I've charged $1,497 for past 8 years BUT today you can watch it for $397


STOP paying thousands of dollars for stock education that may not work. Mojo systems are now proven since 2012 and have helped hundreds of people day trade with steady profits. 

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what traders are saying…

And one of the most common requests I get is…

“Hey Mike, can I get access to the courses for DISCOUNT because I don't have $1,497 to risk. I mean what if it doesn't work and I lose money?"


Now if you realize, I don’t provide FREE access for my course because I've spent years developing them and I don’t want others “stealing” my work.

But I get it...

You want to watch my online course so you can reference and re-watch them over and over anytime you want.

So as a ProTrader member, you'll get access to my world famous Online Day Trading Course, The ProTrader Bootcamp.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll get...

There are 6 Hours of online video learning. Start with the basics of day trading in level 1 and getting more advanced through each level until level 6.


I guarantee you at least 50 "AHA" moments or you can get a 100% complete refund.

All you have to do is become a member of the Chat Room service at $149/month then start watching the day trading course immediately for $397.

It may seem harder in the beginning and you may have questions that need to be answered. 

After having an initial consultation for 15 minutes we can lay the structure of your particular journey and your individual needs.

Once you start the course and begin paper trading I will set up 4 individual coaching sessions with you to review your trading and correct any issues your having.

I’ve put my heart and soul into this training that by the end, I’ve got traders asking me…

“Hey ProTrader Mike, can I purchase a lifetime membership after completing the course? 

Well, sure you can and would be my pleasure to do that for you.


I know this education is so powerful it'll change the way you trade, forever.


Since 2012 these courses have retailed for $1,497 each, but today you'll get them for $397 when you become a proud ProTrader of Mojo Day Trading team.

Sounds good?


Initial Consultation + Coaching Sessions

Let me ask you…

Do you know any Professional Golfer who doesn't have a coach and a mentor?



Any Profession from being a lawyer, doctor, electrician it doesn't matter. To be the top in your field you've had to learn from someone.


So who is it best to learn from?


You should learn from who is THE BEST and someone already playing the game or in your field. I mean I'm not going to ask an electrician to teach me medicine. 


So when the BEST is available you should use it.



If you had someone tell you exactly step by step, what to do first, second and third then your trading would suddenly become so much easier.

And if you follow the steps correctly, you get consistent results — every time.

Traders can become consistently profitable by following my Heinz Trading System.

Can you see the power of a system?

You’re probably thinking I sure need one.

“So how do I get started?”

Here’s the good news…

As a Member, you don’t have to create any tracking sheets or checklists because I’ve done it for you.

You’ll get:

  • Day Trading Checklist

  • Day Trading Tracking Sheets

Now imagine:

How much more consistent your trading results will be when you’re following instructions, step by step?


Since 2012 this course retails for $1,497, but today you'll get it for $397 when you become a member of Mojo Chat Room Plan.

The monthly rate is just $149/month -- Sounds good?

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