Welcome to the MOJO Day Trading Chat Room. The chat room is the most awesome community of like-minded trader/entrepreneurs in the world. With hundreds of traders in over 55 countries the MOJO Day Trading Team follows simple step-by-step trade plays that have proven to work ... using only the most effective strategies for trading stocks ... saving commissions and making great trades.


Each morning at 9:00 am the pre-market trading routine begins. Get started starts with the morning watch list which consists of the days hottest momentum stocks. All paid subscribers picks get announced in the #daytrade channel and are signaled by live by audio on the #LIVE_CHAT voice channel 📢.


All traders get to in real-time Live Desktop Screen Sharing of ProTrader Mike's computer 💻. You are able to view & be in the trade with ProTrader Mike, ALL LIVE!


Everyday around 11:00 am the LIVE MOJO Day Trade Show starts ... be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you get instantly notified by email when the Live Show starts.  In the afternoons there is educational advancement to further enhance your trading skills while adapting to the MOJO community and style of trading.


Complete transparency is what you get to see. All trades are called by specific Trade Plays with Full Buy Entries, and more importantly Sell Exits and Stops which are ALL announced and displayed by Level 2 Screenshots with full ⏱ time and 📅 date-stamp. ProTrader Mike will guide you through every step of the trade. It takes years of hard work, and ups and downs to create a system that works for a large group of people with high accuracy. So you too can be profitable by simply mirroring the trades. 

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