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When I first became interested in taking my day trading to the next level, I took the time to research and look into many day trading rooms. I even used a couple free passes to try out different rooms. As you now know, I choose the MOJO Day Trading Room.

Why did I choose MOJO?

MOJO Day Trading stuck out to me because of the consistency of their picks. A lot of the rooms I tried had some really down days, where they lost money. Conversely, when I checked out the MOJO Day Trading Room, I was endlessly impressed by ProTrader Mike’s results. After looking into his past picks and checking out the room on a free pass Friday, I was sold. The rest is history. I have been winning consistently ever since.

Check out today’s poll and see how our ProTrader’s faired. I am sure you will be impressed.

As usual, ProTrader Alan scored a massive profit, today he earned $1,562. Also, a special shout out to ProTrader DC, ProTrader Jack, and Trader Life, all of whom had massive scores.

As you can see from our poll results, 21 traders hit their daily goal, 1 doubled their daily goal, and 15 traders paper traded and made money.

These results are simply unbeatable. They are unmatched by any other day trading room. The best part? MOJO Day Trading consistently puts out these results.

Look for yourself.

Also, take a look at our YouTube page, where ProTrader Mike uploads daily video recaps, which will give you a good idea of how we trade in the MOJO Room, what type of plays we make, and the profits we consistently earn:

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