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Team MOJO’s Dominance Continues

Dominance of the market is to be expected at MOJO. For years now, ProTrader Mike has been beating the stock market with his day and swing trade picks. Today serves as a shining example of that success, as we once again had a great day of trading in the MOJO Day Trading Room.

Today, between 9:30 and 10:30am, the MOJO Traders made 10 trade plays on the stocks: $PBMD $AVEO $CDTI and $UVXY. Here is how they fared in comparison to their daily trading goals:

55% of MOJO traders hit their daily goal of between 1%-5% on their account, 6% made between 10%-20% and 28% made money paper trading. These are the type of numbers we like to see at MOJO, especially because we average around 5% ROI per day on small accounts. We are growing those accounts baby! Slow and steady wins the race, trading is a marathon, not a sprint! Take that advice to heart…

Now that you have a better idea of what percent MOJO Traders are making per day on their accounts, let’s take a look at those beautiful dollar signs! How much money did the MOJO Traders make today?

Wow! Great earnings! How much do you make in an hour? ProTrader Alan made $1711 in one hour of trading. Fantastic! ProTrader Bassman brought in all fives, earning $555. Special congratulations to ProTrader Dodge with his best trading day yet, earning $788 when he only had a goal of $100. Only with the MOJO Baby!

I will leave you with a meaningful comment that ProTrader Spec shared with the chat:

ProTrader Spec is right, spend some time and try to find a trader that beats ProTrader Mike. You won’t. Many have tried and none have succeeded. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and there are many day trading rooms out there that are constantly flattering MOJO! There is a reason MOJO Day Trading is the Ritz Carlton of Day Trading Rooms. We are a business. We make winning trades and collect our profits. We don’t make goofy trades all afternoon just to put out picks to satisfy our customers. We stick to our business model of trading from 9:30- 10:30.

MOJO is only growing, so make sure you join the winning team and become a ProTrader today:!mojouniversity/c1hvn

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