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When The Markets Down - Sun Shines on MOJO Traders

The Sun was shining today on MOJO traders.

The markets were down big today over 200 points. MOJO makes money easier on down days then up days - go figure huh. Now, ask and you shall receive! That’s right, the MOJO Day Trading ‘Can You Quit Your Day Job’ Webinar is back for a Second Showing! I will be hosting the second part of this special on Tuesday, August 4th at 9:00 pm EST. Last time around, we had an attendance of 400, so the demand has been off the charts, while the feedback was incredibly positive! Make sure to reserve your seat here:

This really is your chance to find out if you have what it takes to day trade for a living. Last time around, many people were so inspired that they signed up for the Day Trading Room before the webinar was even finished! So, if you dream of leaving that desk job for good, join me on Tuesday, August 4th and get ready to live the MOJO Lifestyle!

Onto the action in the MOJO Day Trading Room today! What a day it was, gold has been in a very bad place, so we started up the room today hoping for some MOJO Magic and boy did we get it! $NUGT was back briefly this morning, as we traded it through $4.00, making the MOJO ProTraders some serious money, just ask Trader Sergiy and Trader Crosson:

Nice job, MOJO Traders! Trader Crosson is really embodying the MOJO style right here! Trader Crosson came to MOJO with a small account, but has made a commitment to growing the account and improving as a trader. Crosson is currently enrolled in MOJO University and will soon be ProTrader Crosson, and has set up his business so that he can come into the MOJO Day Trading Room for an hour every morning and nail the HEINZ Trade Plays. You can see the results. $215 profit on a $1,500 account by 9:55am, simply amazing! Keep in mind, all of that is before Trader Crosson even heads off to work! I would imagine that one day soon, after completing MOJO U and becoming a ProTrader, Crosson will be leaving that desk job behind to trade for a living!

Let’s check out how everyone else did. Here are today’s poll results:

Simply phenomenal! 53% of the traders added between 1% - 5% to their accounts! I love to see numbers like that, as MOJO Day Trading is set up to allow our traders to run their accounts like a business. Their daily goal is adding 1% - 5% to their account, once they hit their goal, they close up shop and move along with their day, similar to how Trader Crosson comes to the MOJO Day Trading Room before work, hits his Heinz Trade Plays, and then moves along with his day to make money and focus on other things. That is running it like a business and that is how you experience long term success in the market.

If you have some time before MOJO University tonight, check out today’s video recap:

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