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Winning Style - You Have It or Don't?

See the difference here between Winners and Losers

Basic common sense of life, and the school of believing in yourself. Taking the Winning Game to all aspects of your life. So you want to be a winner in day trading then you better be good at it. If you suck at golf then don't try to be a Pro Golfer. If you are tone deaf and you sing like a crying dog then you should NOT become a rock star. However, if you have the skills and believe your an all-star and can do it - then you can and nobody can stop you. Over the past year I have gotten to know ProTrader Mike pretty well. He focuses on a few things and does them very well. Inorder are the following:

1. Famiy - married with 2 kids and cool pooch

2. Day Trading Business - best trader and entrprenuer I have seen EVER!

3. Golf - he is scratch - we played just once so far and he shot 35/33 = 68 (4 under par)

4. Fishing - his boat is awesome and what he does catching fish is top in class

5. Travel - does that in style at 5 star resorts

Those are the top 5 things I have recognized ProTrader Mike does very well. So what do you do know...answer is follow the winners. That is what I am doing. For instance, ProTrader Mike has been dominating the stock market for around 20 years. He has as much knowledge and experience as anybody trading the market and has 3 years’ worth of documented results to prove it. Now for golf… ProTrader Mike is a phenomenal winning golfer because he put as much dedication and drive into the game as he has done with his trading. Just as he does daily journaling with his trades, he does the same on his golf score card, marking each hole with detailed notes that can be used to improve and grow as a golfer. You better believe that ProTrader Mike will mentally move onto the next shot, whether he sliced his ball or hit it perfectly next to the pin. He does not focus on the results, only on performing to the best of his ability at all times. Last weekend he missed first place in this tournament by one shot - a 67 is Pro Golfer material. See his name bottom right..

Or, you can use poker as an example. During his time as a professional poker player, ProTrader Mike was able to make a living at this very difficult game because of his ability to treat the game as a Business and carry that trait to other aspects of life. He was able to use his extreme patience to find only hands to play according to his system. If he had to throw away Ace Jack to early raises and pressure, that was no problem. Just as in day trading, he was able to selectively play hands with positive expectancy, resulting in massive profits. Many cash tournament wins with a worldwide ranking of 167th out of 1.71 million tracked players. In the top 99.96% of all players in the world!! His poker handle was AAKKMIKE - see here...

Maybe your a fisherman like ProTrader Mike. He has taken that sport to a really high level as well. With a Kite fishing - three rod holder setup - he has caught every game fish in the ocean. Quite an acheivement. Dolphin, Tuna, Sailfish, Kingfish, Wahoo, Cobia - you name it he has shown me pictures of it just like this one here....

You see, being successful at your crafts is a 24 hour job. You are not going to show up to the boat drunk ready to catch fish, same for the golf course or the MOJO Day Trading Room after a night out at the club until 4am and perform your best. This is your business, so you need to have the focus and discipline of a professional athlete. Look, Tom Brady is not showing up to the field on Sunday a little tired, hungover and distracted from the night before. His whole life is focused on getting the best of his abilities, so you better believe he makes certain sacrifices to ensure he accomplishes his goal. To champions like Tom Brady, winning is a lifestyle and a mindset, it is something natural and innate in their DNA.

So, if you are serious about making day trading into your business, you have to start to think like a profitable, winning trader. You need to be willing to follow the system and stay on the reservation at all times. Believe in the system of positive expectancy and the profits will come, it is inevitable.

To see how winning traders handle their business in the market, check out today’s video recap:

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