That Special Feeling

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Have you ever seen the movie Tin Cup?


Well, throughout the movie, you see the struggle of how difficult the game of golf is.  You get to witness the frustration caused by the search for that perfect shot. 

You know the feeling… The feeling of that perfect golf shot.  When you hit it the sweet spot, you just know. You know that all that hard work and practice was worth it!  You feel it in your loins, throughout your whole body.  The feeling is intoxicating.  Sweeeet!!!!

Sadly, this feeling tends to come and go. Darn!!!!!!


After you feel it, you are on a constant hunt to get yourself back to where you can feel it again and agian.

Certainly most people can relate to this feeling.  Whether you have felt it through sports, poker, or day trading, most people have felt that special feeling. 

Think about your path as a day trader.  How many times have you been searching for that feeling you get during a perfectly executed trade only to miss, time after time, after time!


Then, you suddenly hit the big trade. You feel it throughout your entire body, it is bliss. 


Sound familiar?

  • But what happens when that feeling goes away?  

  • Are you able to replicate what you did to accomplish that feeling in the first place?  

  • Are you able to get back to that point of pure rejoice?

For most traders, sadly, the truth is that they don’t know how to get back there.  They are lost and trying desperately to achieve that perfect trade, but they don’t know how.  This is what more experienced traders see as essentially gambling.  Taking risks to try to hit a big score, without any positive expectation system to utilize. TIP: THERE IS NO BIG SCORE IN DAY TRADING AS YOUR IN CASH AT END OF EACH TRADING DAY. IT'S IN THE SWING TRADING YOU CAN MAKE THOSE SCORES & MOJO DOES BOTH!!

You see, at MOJO Day Trading, we have figured out how to feel that way every day.  With over 150 ProTraders every day in the MOJO Day Trade Room - proof is in the pudding...just ask ProTrader Alan, ProTrader Mader, or ProTrader Crosson or 100 others. Verified proof that traders in the room have not lost a trading day in over a year. Can you believe that? It's true as can of our best traders has not lost a trading day in a year. He has mastered the trading game all taught to him in MOJO University. When asked "How many times have you taken the University Trading Course to get to the point your at?" His answer, more than 5 times. Now that's dedication to your game and the results show.

Ask any of the other ProTraders how they are able to obtain that feeling on a consistent basis, day in and day out.  What do you think the answer their answers would be?

Yes indeed MOJO University: Click here to check out information on the next class in January 2016. Click Here =!mojo-university/c1hvn 

In MOJO University, traders learn to take their trading to the next level.  They learn to treat trading like a business and the learn and practice the trade plays that allow for this elite level trading to take place day in and day out.  

Ask yourself, are you able to trade at the level where you obtain that special feeling on a daily basis? Or, are you left chasing it, which usually just leads to massive losses? 


Take some time to watch today’s 11/18 MOJO Day Trading Video Recap to see how the MOJO ProTraders dominated the market and exemplified what we have just discussed:



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