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Preparation is defined quite simply as “something done to get ready for an event or undertaking”.

How do you prepare for each day?

Do you have a set process and routine that helps you achieve your full potential?

Or do you prefer a more relaxed approach, a “wait and see” mentality?

Well, to be frank, to compete on a high level, you have to prepare on a high level.

  • Do you think Tom Brady goes to the stadium on Sunday morning just blindly hoping he will be prepared to defeat his opponent?

  • Do you think Bill Gates walks into a business meeting with his fingers crossed hoping that it goes well?

  • Do you think Warren Buffet throws darts to pick his stocks?

  • Do you think Jordan Speith walks up to the first tee at the Masters hoping that the round will go well?

No. No. No. Champions are always well prepared. No matter what sport, what industry, or what business, the people that come out on top are always those who are most prepared.

Don’t fool yourself, it is no coincidence that the same champions win over and over and over again. Do you think it is a coincidence that MOJO Day Trading picks have consistently been dominating the stock market? Can you really achieve win rates of 95% and greater for 24 months in a row? The answer is here - YES!!

This is not a coincidence at all. Think about the morning routine in the MOJO Day Trading Room. It is the same every morning. This routine has been crafted from 20+ years’ experience in the stock market, it is what works the best, and never deviates from the routine. The business plan and approach never changes and is the same each and every morning, which is why such consistent profits has been the result, time and time again.

Another thing you will notice about well-prepared people at the top of their industry, is that they utilize this same high level of preparation in all aspects of their life… Do you think Tom Brady is only obsessive about being well prepared for football games? Very doubtful. As such, with my golf game my preparation skills are at a very high level.

When playing golf, it's not recreational, it's serious. When I take my play book out of my back pocket to start the round, fellow golfers know I have game and serious. See Image of my golf book - just like the pros.

If during the round I need to check notes from practice the recall is right there. The detail of my record keeping and journaling of what works for me is spot on.

See that last note - Be aggressive w/chips Been leaving them short - Next round I went up and down for par 6 out 6 times. My touch was phenom as I was aggressive and didn't leave any short. Boooyahhhhh!!! When I have a golf tournament on the schedule, you better bet I will be the most prepared golfer on the course. Every aspect of my game, both mental and physical is planned out and done for a reason. If I play right and follow my routine I should finish at the top!!

It begins the night before the round. I clean my clubs, one by one, taking time to ensure that each groove in each club is ready to be used during the round. Then the outfit I will be wearing the next day is already to go. Even if I don't win I will be the best dressed, sharpest guy there. I try to dress the part enhancing my confidence for every shot. I like to have the best golf gear from the best brands. I use the BEST golf balls - they are also most expensive , but you know what they say "you get what you pay for in this life". If I could save a stroke or 2 with just the ball I use - do the math 1000 rounds - 2 saved strokes = 2000 saved strokes over my lifetime. Sign me up!!!

Same with my day trade room. $2000 day X 20 days = $40K month X 12 months = $480K year X 10 years = $4.8 million with 4:1 BP = $19.2 million dollars.

It's a marathon guys and gals not a sprint if you allow me to be your caddie am I saying you could make that kind money for yourself? Better believe it as others are doing it and so can you or I would not be still doing this. Shakka Lakka Boom Boom - I love the HEINZ!!

The same detail that goes into preparing for my golf game is same for my trading. Everyhting is recorded and journaled as to why it worked or did not work. All of these principles of winning are taught by me to students in MOJO University. As of today there are over 150 ProTraders who have graduated MOJO University. There is no secret to being successful at day trading, it lies in complete dedication and preparation. No excuses, just following my routine each time I step up to the computer to place that trade or that first tee to take that first shot. I am ready and prepared. In life, those who are well prepared will win. There is a reason employers value applicants with a high level of education and there is a reason professional sports teams draft players from schools like Florida and Ohio State. Champions prepare and amateurs play for fun. The cream rises to the top, while those underprepared are left sitting at home watching the champions play on TV.

At MOJO Day Trading, we pride ourselves on always being well prepared. As a MOJO ProTrader, you can rest assured that ProTrader Mike will be your caddie and make sure you are well prepared to trade day in and day out. Day trading is a marathon and not a sprint, so if you show up without a well prepared game plan, be ready to be left in the dust by MOJO Traders who came ready and able with a solid game plan!

P.S. The next classof MOJO University is starting January 12th - the classes are in the evenings from 8:00pm to 10:00pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The classes fill up fast so if you want to get more information on the classes (content, costs, etc....) then join the room first and we can then talk about getting you into that class. Click Here To Get Started

P.S.S. Over the weekend, take some time to see how MOJO ProTraders used their extensive preparation to dominate the market for some great profits by watching the 12/4 MOJO Daily Recap Video:

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