Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015!

It is officially 2016, and with that MOJO Day Trading wanted to celebrate the best year in the history of MOJO with the Top 15 Blog Posts of 2015!

We hope you have fun looking back at the insanely profitable 2015! Don’t forget to check back daily in 2016, as we update the MOJO Blog with valuable information for all traders!

  1. It’s A Marathon Not a Sprint:!Its-Marathon-Not-a-Sprint/cgpn/55f32f7b0cf24af6ea39a599

  2. Positive Expectancy:!POSITIVE-EXPECTANCY/cgpn/55f9c3680cf29dcad94bf063

  3. Shorting Stocks:!SHORTING-STOCKS/cgpn/55ff43e30cf2375d99d70e76

  4. Winning Style: You Have it or You Don’t:!Winning-Style-You-Have-It-or-Dont/cgpn/560af3ce0cf2f0ed7a27bfee

  5. Reading Your Opponents: Day Trading and Poker:!Reading-Your-Opponents-Day-Trading-and-Poker/cgpn/561d631b0cf297bd68624bd0

  6. When Do You Walk Away? Take the Money and Run:!When-Do-You-Walk-Away-Take-The-Money-and-Run/cgpn/5627f4d90cf25a21acbf2fff

  7. The Value of a Head Coach:!The-Value-of-a-Head-Coach/cgpn/5639223c0cf23796cd8b65d2

  8. Zen Trading Mindset:!ZEN-Trading-Mindset/cgpn/564b89660cf292344da17176

  9. Compounding Returns:!COMPOUNDING-RETURNS/cgpn/5660acab0cf25333685d8f0e

  10. 6 Ways Day Trading is Like a Marathon:!6-Ways-Day-Trading-is-Like-a-Marathon/cgpn/5674300c0cf203da56e40d06

  11. The Power of Level 2:!The-Power-of-Level-2/cgpn/55ba834c0cf267673a7ecb24

  12. Top 10 Reasons to be a MOJO ProTrader Part 1 & 2:!Top-10-Reasons-to-be-a-MOJO-ProTrader-Part-1/cgpn/55b68f7d0cf26fc16f2fe564 +!Top-10-Reasons-To-Be-A-MOJO-ProTrader-Part-2/cgpn/55b7e0610cf26fc16f30e150

  13. The 9 to 5:!THE-9-to-5/cgpn/5601aa570cf2a7bb74b4202b

  14. The House Always Wins:!The-House-Always-Wins/cgpn/564130880cf21009be7f3059

  15. Old Life – New Life:!Old-Life-New-Life/cgpn/558b03ef0cf20d45521cd383

Additionally, make sure to take some time to watch the first MOJO Day Trading Video Recap of the year!

1/4 MOJO Day Trade Room Video Recap

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