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Swing Trading Presents

One of my personal favorite aspects of swing trading is the fact that it allows you to hold stocks for a typical range of 5-8 days. I enjoy this fact because it allows those working a 9-5 job to participate and become a member of the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter Team.

However, with the multiple day hold time, you sometimes face a drop in the stock price.

When this happens, how do we react? The Swing Trading Present, of course!

Well, I can say one thing for sure, when nothing changes with the company and there is a big stock drop, I consider it a GIFT! Yes, you read that correctly, I consider it a gift from the market for all the MOJO Swing Traders!


Because each and every swing pick put out in the MOJO Swing Trading Newsletter is the result of hours of detailed research and analysis. Every single pick comes with a detailed analysis, chart, along with entry and exit points. So, nothing ever catches me by surprise. If nothing has changed with the company, there is no reason to panic and sell off your stock for a loss. In fact, any trader that does panic in those scenarios is almost certainly a rookie in the market, who is going to wind up selling at the bottom and taking a massive loss! If your trading solo you took a took like Trader K here would have. However, he's not alone...ProTrader Mike hooked him up....take a look.

Rather than panic and sell for a loss, I simply send out an email update to the swing trade subscribers (delivered directly to your inbox) indicating that the drop in stock price allows us to get the stock at a discount! We look it as the stock being “on sale”, as we add more shares for a lower price, lowering the cost average.

Look at this drop in SUNE - sent out newsletter to add $2.03 - yeah boy!!!

The stock was $3.00 today

In the end, this strategy is always profitable. When you combined hours of detailed research and analysis, with a positive expectation trading system and extreme patience learned through over 20 years of experience, you have a deadly combination that has resulted in over 3 years of winning swing trades! Take a look at my swing trading results from January and see for yourself how the MOJO Swing Trading system is leading to fantastic profits!

P.S. Catch todays video recap = traded GoPro (GPRO) & Natural Gas (UGAZ) today:

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