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How Do Top Traders Stand Out?

Do you ever wonder how do the top traders always seem to stay on top no matter the market conditions?

Here are three ways that the best of the best stand out:

1. They put more effort into their traders

  • Top traders, such as ProTrader Mike, put their complete effort into their trading. In a way, their lives become about trading, they are completely involved in the traders, with a laser like selective attention that cannot be distracted. They treat trading like a business, than a hobby or a game, to them trading is a way to make a living and provide for their families, and as such, they treat it with a high level of seriousness it deserves.

2. They put in more time and research

  • Each week ProTrader Mike puts hours of research into his Swing Trade Newsletter. His detailed analysis covers all facets of CANSLIM and even extends beyond into proprietary MOJO secrets. Not a day goes by without ProTrader Mike working all day long on expanding his day trading empire. Just like in any business or industry, the top traders are the ones who are committed to the grind. You don't become the best in the world at your chosen profession by sitting on the couch watching TV!

3. They have more conviction in their picks

  • Every pick put in the MOJO Day Trading Room or in the MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter comes with 100% confidence of ProTrader Mike. How is he able to be so confident? Well, as we just covered, he is able to be extremely confident in each pick because he has put the time, effort and research into his picks. He has found a system and patterns that have worked for his 20+ years in the market and have also been back up by the confidence of over 100+ ProTraders. Thus, it is understandable that ProTrader Mike has a noticeable conviction about himself every time h puts picks out in the trading room!

As anybody who has followed ProTrader Mike and the MOJO Day Trading Team can tell you, the MOJO system and patterns work! There is no denying 3 years of posted results, which simply speak for themselves.

Take $TWTR for instance. MOJO picked it up at $14.50 and it is hit $18.20 today! What about $GPRO? MOJO picked it up at $9.50 and it hit $13.40 earlier today. Or, take $UWTI for example. MOJO got in $UWTI at $1.20 and now it is up to $1.86.

Stand out picks like these are simply not a coincidence. They are the result of ProTrader Mike combining his experience, research, skills, and conviction to come up with the best stock picks in the industry! Despite the volatile market conditions, the MOJO Team has been steadily adding 1%-5% ROI to our accounts each day!

p.s. I have to tell this to you in a whisper, so make sure to keep it between us… MOJO sees $SUNE following the same patterns we took advantage of in $TWTR $GPRO and $UWTI… MOJO sees $SUNE as a strong buy at $1.50 or under…

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