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MOJO University (3) Courses

Due to the demand of mastery with the 3 trading strategies day trading, swing trading and options trading MOJO University is now offering each class seperate. The classes will be taught each time there is a new University Course being given.

MOJO University was founded to supply traders the skills and tools to master (3) forms of trading. Get the day trading skills you need as this makes up 70% of the entire course. Then the classes move to MOJO Swing Trading and gets wrapped up on the final class with MOJO Options Trading. Finish all three and become a master ProTrader.

  • The Day Trading Classes are covered in class sessions 1 through 6

  • The Swing Trading Class starts on the 7th class session

  • The Option Trading Class starts on the 8th last class session

The entire course is the ultimate stock market classroom training you can possibly get. You will be in an online interactive classroom environment discovering the MOJO Style of trading and the ways to be successful as a trader in the market. The courses will change the way you look at the markets, stocks, your bankroll, your lifestyle, while enjoying the rewards a successful day & swing trader can offer.

The complete program includes (1) Month of (10) classroom sessions and lays an essential foundation for those wishing to be a much better trader and stock picker. The course begins with the basics of technical analysis and progresses through advanced trading topics. Students who complete all 8 classes will have a solid foundation to trade during any market condition whether they choose day trading, swing trading or options trading.

The courses start with the basics then you move into more advanced techniques in the ProTrader Course as we teach you EXACTLY how to become a profitable trader from A to Z. The class sessions last (2) hours.

ProTrader Course classroom sessions are Monday & Wednesday nights from 8:00pm to 10:00pm

During the day you will be trading LIVE with real money or on Trading Simulator to test your skills in a real market environment without risking real money. Once you show consistent profitability, your LIVE Trading can increase share size and you will be ready to make bigger profits or your simulated trading can go LIVE.

The entire classroom program includes approximately (10) classes over 20 hours of live, online classroom hours along with Quizzes and a Final Exam which you must pass to graduate and earn ProTrader status. Students have the ability to ask questions and receive immediate feedback directly from ProTrader Mike. Each class also includes a schedule, course guide and many other resources. After the Classes are over we go over questions/trades/setups and to keep a tight feedback loop. The next class starts on March 22nd and it's full. For the next class check it out and register. For more information on becoming a ProTrader Click Image Here >

P.S. If you really want a seat in this class March 22nd I can make one more seat available. First come first serve, who will get it? email me at info@mojodaytrading let me know why you want in that class!

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