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The ProTrader Play Book

Once a trader gets through Levels 1 to 7 as an analogy they go from a yellow belt to a brown belt and now ready for the BLACK BELT!! They are given the MOJO Trade Play Book which has detailed information on all the Trade Plays. You get the formula of how they work, how to buy them, sell them etc... t's really priceless.

Check out this anonymous poll I did for MOJO University class where I asked them plain out if they thought the classes and the materials where worth it. Check it out ...

Did you know there are over 100 ProTraders in the MOJO Day Trade Chat Room on a daily basis that MAKE A LIVING DAY TRADING!

Becoming a member is easy here is an offer to try the Day Trading One Month with a Value Added Bonus ... $0 Cost basis = Free ...

🏆 Winning Trade Plays MOJO Video Lesson

Check out the courses ...

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