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Universities Added Blockchain Courses To Fulfill The Shortages In The Market

Universities Added Blockchain Courses To Fulfill The Shortages In The Market

From being the uncertain technology behind cryptocurrencies to becoming one of the best paying technological skills, blockchain has come a long way in the last 5-6 years. Today, it not only powers the whole cryptocurrency market but is bringing an unbridled amount of innovation to all sectors of the modern economy. All sorts of legacy and new-age businesses are lapping on the possibilities presented by blockchain and are ready to pay top salaries to experts in this field. The average blockchain engineer in the US pays $150k per annum whereas, many top earners make north of $250k per annum. Yet, companies have struggled to acquire top talent despite offering such impressive remuneration. The shortage of talent in the blockchain domain is a documented concern, and as the technology matures at its current pace, this gap will only increase.

As of today, a lot of legacy industries, tech firms, government bodies, and start-ups are innovating with and implementing blockchain in their processes. The financial technology sector makes the most use of this tool and enables banks, corporates, healthcare, etc., to make their businesses more robust. The number of jobs for blockchain will only go north as the fintech space will reach a market cap of $310 bn by 2022 and blockchain alone will be at an astounding $40 bn. In 2018, the fintech market was worth $127.6 bn, and in 2020 the blockchain industry was at $3 bn, both the industries are growing at a compound annual rate of 24.8 and 67 percent, respectively. The rate of current supply will certainly fall behind the upcoming demand in the relevant workforce. To avoid this impending shortage of talent, the leading universities in the world have started to provide courses in blockchain, distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized finance.

Below are some universities providing blockchain courses to bridge the talent gap in the industry.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is unarguably the pioneer institute in providing science and technology education and hence the blockchain courses added to the various curriculums are amongst the best in the world. There are also certificate courses that can be learned entirely online and are at par with any other blockchain and fintech course in the world.

As of now, MIT offers 10 blockchain courses and two of them are online programs that can be taken for free.

Some popular courses are:

Blockchain Ethics

Blockchain and Money


Fintech: Shaping the Financial World

  1. University of Oxford

One of the oldest educational institutes in the English-speaking world has several learning options for blockchain enthusiasts. A university of such excellence and prestige will always pull the best minds and innovators of the world. This helps them in providing top-quality education in the constantly evolving blockchain industry.

If you identify yourself as a beginner in blockchain then the programs offered here are going to help you a lot. These courses are offered in collaboration with Esme learning, an online platform providing professional education. One can look for the following courses:

Oxford Fintech Program

Blockchain For Managers

Blockchain Software Engineering

Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program

  1. Harvard University

It doesn’t get any better than Harvard university in terms of quality and heritage. The same quality transcends into the six online blockchain courses that they have developed and are distributing through the Coursera platform. These courses cover all the major grounds of blockchain technology and its applications and are an excellent foundation for advanced learning.

There is also a six-week course in the fintech vertical that teaches the impact of financial technology on various industries. Below are some of the most sought-after courses:

Blockchain Specialization (through Coursera)

Blockchain Foundation for Developers (free online course - Coursera)

Fintech (six-week program)

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (through Coursera)

  1. University of California - Berkeley

This university is known for its high research activity and has garnered a high reputation in the nascent world of blockchain as well. With many courses focused highly on research in blockchain technology and its regulatory aspects, the learners get to dive deep into the impacts created across industries through blockchain and fintech.

Some renowned blockchain courses at UCB are:

Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Future of Technology, Business, and Law

  1. National University of Singapore

This leading university in Asia is also a pioneer in cryptocurrency innovation and education. It certainly stands amongst the best institutes in the world that provide blockchain education as it truly believes in the power of this technology. The scope of learning at NUS is vast as there is a wide array of programs that cover various aspects of blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and distributed ledger technology in great depth.

Courses to look for at NUS:

Blockchain, Digital Currencies, and Distributed Ledgers Start From Here

Leveraging Fintech For Business

Enterprise Blockchain and DLT for executives


We know that blockchain is still a new and evolving technology, making it quite impossible for any institute in the world to provide commanding study programs around it. But, the initiative to incorporate courses in full-time programs and providing certificate courses through renowned online platforms comes at a crucial juncture. The education around blockchain technology is very democratized and there are several learning opportunities through video streaming and online portals that are provided by industry professionals.

Yet, all this availability of resources hasn’t helped with the talent shortage in the industry until now. With top universities in the world collaborating with experts and stakeholders to provide updated knowledge will make an effective change to the current scenario. Also, the issue with the blockchain talent pool is the lack of understanding of the blockchain ideology and the inability to develop a cross-industrial skillset. As the courses around this subject become more integrated into science, engineering, and finance curricula, this profound issue would get properly addressed and create blockchain developers that will fulfill the innovation-led projects of the future.

Keep it profitable,

ProTrader Mike


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