The ProTrader team inspires and leads stock market investors around the world since 2012. Our unique approach is highly sought after because we provide traders with the blueprint to start and grow a day trading business, not just providing advice on a single aspect of investing or a stock pick.

MOJO Day Trading is based on a fusion of intense passion and continuous edutainment (education + entertainment).
To inspire and be inspired a ProTraders commitment to growth and self-improvement is the driving force behind our company. We are entrepreneurial individuals who continually strive to improve the company, themselves, their lives, their community, and the lives of others.
We take pride in challenging ourselves and others; in the work we do, sharing knowledge with other traders, and inspiring the changes they’ve always wanted to make in themselves and for their families.

It starts with the ProTrader vision, work ethic and endless desire to improve yourself and the desire to inspire everyone in the ProTrader Community to do the same. The ProTrader family has formed a culture of caring about one another and about what we do. The quality and positive response to our education and coaching programs has garnered international attention and changed the lives of our students.

We are active traders with impressive track records. Because we strive to be the best our education and coaching is always evolving to deliver real-time, relevant training and resources.

Over 150 Letters From Real Customers

ProTrader Alan

I would like to take this opportunity to give you an updated progress report on my day trading with you and the Mojo Day Trading Room. I have been trading with you since April, 2013. In the beginning I had no clue what I was doing. I hired you to be my private coach and that was the best business decision I ever made. As time went on, my trading became more consistent and I thought I really knew what I was doing. However, the more time you spent coaching me the better my trading has become, more profitable and more consistent. The two most valuable traits I’ve learned from you which I was sorely lacking was patience and proper scaling/position sizing.  Mike, your ongoing coaching has been invaluable both privately and through my repeated attendance at Mojo University. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to day trade for a living, first join the Mojo Day Trading Team and then enroll in Mojo University as soon as possible. There are many day trade rooms available, but for my money, Mike is the best by a large margin.  Video testimonial

ProTrader Colin

Like many others, I started following Mike on Twitter.  I watched his calls very closely for a year, and noticed that his accuracy was far greater than anyone else I had ever followed. Starting in the beginning of 2014, I joined the Mojo Swing Newsletter to get a better sense of the Mojo swing picks.  Within two months of just swing picks my portfolio was up over 50%.  This was the just the tip of the iceberg.  I needed more.  I wanted to understand WHY picks were were made, HOW they were made, and WHAT skills were necessary to become a successful trader.  Mojo University was the answer.  The organizational structure of small classes where you can ask Mike anything in real time while he is teaching is worth every penny on its own.  There's no staff of people feeding you bs while the head guy is off on an island collecting the check.  Mike runs the show, stays on top of everything, and is there for you when you need him.  He teaches discipline, proper patterns, how to trade off Level II, and how to form good habits and avoid bad techniques.  It is because of Mike that I look forward to trading every day as if the stock market is in my control.  Mike teaches vision and the Mojo team provides the clarity you need to stay focused and accomplish your goals.  Even though stock prices change every day, the Mojo system is something that stays the same and works day in and day out.  I am proud to be part of the Mojo Team and look forward to much more profitable trading with Mike.  Sincerely, ProTraderColin


ProTrader Ant

Hey today I want to talk to you about my experience with Mojo Day Trading and the Mojo U training. I am ProTrader Ant. First I want to introduce my selves, I am located in Norway and have no financial education or professional trading experience. I always had a fascination for trading and economic and one day I got a twitter message from Mike. Mike is the founder of Mojo Day Trading. Message was an invitation with a free pass to his room and possibility too check out what it is. Man was I hooked. I notice the positive in the room, both from Mike and the team members. Room has its own easy to understand lingual, remember I could not distinguish a candle chart from a candle light. Beside the friendly tone in the room I came quick to learn that there was no need to learn all the technicality and charts and what not. Suited me just perfectly. So after a day of visit I signed up for a monthly subscription, which I have now changed to annual subscription. Basically; I am here to stay. After a few weeks Mike scheduled a class for his Mojo U, to which I signed up and took. At first I was a bit worried about being able to take it with the 6 hours difference. But due to it being so interesting and enlightening it was not hard at all. The Mojo U was a real eye opener, were Mike took us through the lingo used in the room and all the trade plays. How to buy and sell shares and how to collect our earnings. I do not wish to reveal too much, but I can highly recommend the class. And I have already sign up to retake it again. The room is a really friendly and positive place too be, but it is also very informative and entertaining. The formula to being successful is really simple: Buy when Mike say buy, and sell when Mike say sell = money in your pocket.

I have never ever seen any front running in the room. I have seen several folds on the stock, good fold where we would be lost a lot. So we do not only learn to trade, but also when not to trade. We even get to watch his screen and watch him doing his trades along side ours. If we fall off the path he is railing us back in as the good coach and mentor he is. He takes his mentoring role very serious and have saved many from doing bad mistakes. For that we are all truly thankful. So come on by, check out the room, sign up and take Mojo U and start making some money with us. Thank you Mike for your passion and patience with us trades. See you all in the room and keep it profitable. ProTrader Ant Video testimonial: