Get Started by Enrolling in the ProTrader Boot Camp Course & Start Simulated Trading


After your profitable then start trading firm capital.


Get started by enrolling in the MOJO ProTrader Bootcamp Online Day Trading Course & start your simulated trading. The simulated trading account will give you the practice you need before risking real money. After graduating from The ProTrader Boot Camp and passing the final exam you'll get the opportunity to trade firm capital. The 6 hour online class will help you become a ProTrader by learning from the #1 best day trading education program in the world today. 

After you complete the online course and graduate you'll be eligible to trade firm capital with a private investment firm. 

Program Cost: $99/month

MOJO Chat Room Subscription & $99 one-time platform fee

STUDENT program includes what you need to get started day trading. Start in Stage #1 and trade a simulated demo account while taking the online course. Pass the final test and have solid trade reviews to move to Stage #2 in order to start trading firm capital. 


This program includes:

The ProTrader Boot Camp Course for just $397 saving 80% from $1,497 retail cost.

Trade Reviews, Mentoring and Continued Training by ProTrader Mike

After joining this program, you will receive a Simulated Demo Trading Account with $100,000 worth of buying power. You will get trained and receive daily trade reviews by ProTrader Mike. 

STEP #1 = Join Mojo Chat Room Special New Trader Rate $99

this is just for day trading and does not include swing newsletter

STEP #2 = Join The Mojo Challenge Special New Trader Rate $99

start trading today and download the Trade X Platform

STEP #3 = Enroll Mojo University Day Trade Course $397

start learning what hundreds of successful ProTraders already back-tested 

STEP #4 = Pass Final Exam & Trade Reviews $FREE

 learn by demo trading with trade reviews from ProTrader Mike

STEP #5 = Stage #2 Start Trading Live With Mojo System You Learned 

Start hitting daily goals, use tracking sheets, start your day trading business

Click the button below to join the Mojo Day Trade Chat Room $99/month subscription

Click the button below to download the TradeX platform - one time $99/payment


After completing Stage #1 and successfully passing The ProTrader Boot Camp Course with solid trade reviews from the simulated demo platform you'll get the chance to start trading firm capital. 


Real trading accounts should be treated and traded in the same manner as your Simulated Demo account success. ProTraders that trade firm capital keep 100% of their profits. 

Account Minimum: $3,000

PROTRADER program includes what you need to advance your day trading career. After successfully completing the simulated demo trading and profitable trade reviews with ProTrader Mike you'll get to trade firm capital. 


This program includes:

Up to 20:1 Buying Power

3 months of waived platform fees ($450 value added bonus)

Mentoring and Continued Ongoing Training by ProTrader Mike

If you join this program, you will receive a live trading account with firm buying power. To find out more details contact ProTrader Mike and fill out an application.

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