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Start your morning by Day Trading with hundreds of ProTraders inside the MOJO Chat Room. With real time screen sharing and live audio you'll never miss a trade.

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I'm ProTrader Mike and have been day trading the stock market for 30 years. I mentor and coach hundreds of day traders every day in the Mojo Chat Room. I also publish a Sunday Night Swing Trade Newsletter that's perfect for working professionals. By offering my online educational courses, valued at $1,497 each, For FREE as a Bonus to your subscription plan, I am confident you'll take your trading to the next level.

Here's What You Will Learn

​Learn a very high win percentage system proven successful

Learn how to use price and volume instead of charts

Learn the proper risk management techniques for success

Learn proper order entry techniques, tape reading, level 2

Join either service and get the correlating course for FREE. Retail value $1,497 is included as bonus with any subscription plan.

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