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Private One-On-One Futures Coaching getting traders funded and paid!!

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ONE-ON-ONE COACHING just $99 for one month!

Book your coaching session with the calendar button!

Are you trying to get funded and having trouble?


Start trading daily with ProTrader Mike and the MOJO team of traders all on the same mission as you being funded APEX traders. You will check-in with ProTrader Mike regularly to review and discuss your trading approach, risk management, and mindset needed to get funded and pay yourself. ProTrader Mike is dedicated to help you succeed!

Increasing your chances to succeed and becoming an APEX Funded Trader start by getting your coaching sessions right here. Get the coaching that will help you get funded and save a load of money in resets and your time.

Included in your coaching is One Month of MOJO Chat Room subscription FREE. That is a $149 value included in your first month of coaching. If you decide to stay aboard and get funded and paid you can continue your monthly subscription and bank with ProTrader Mike and the team. If you do not like it you can back out at anytime and it will not cost you anything. I will make money when you make money and that's the way it should be.

Start your mornings by live trading in the MOJO Discord Chatroom and watch as ProTrader Mike as he is on audio calling out plays while sharing his screen and Ninja Platform trading in real time. The goal is to teach you to be a smart consistent winning trader that can follow the rules and be held accountable.

SPECIAL BONUSES - you get all this for $99 today!!

  • Coaching Sessions with ProTrader Mike.

  • MOJO Discord Chat Room Subscription included for one month with rate reduced from $149 to $99 per month.

  • MOJO Futures Course is 80% off lowered from $1,497 to $297 when you get coached by ProTrader Mike.

  • Included is the MOJO Toolbox another $297 value add just for you today!

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​Set an appointment on my Calendar for a One-On-One Coaching Session

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Trading is very risky, and most day traders lose money. Read our full disclaimer.

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