🔬 Understanding ETFs

How ETFs can be great trading stocks ... they are best for: 💰 profitability 🚿 liquidity 🎿 quick trades (intra-day scalps) 🥁 all day holders (trend trades) Let's use TZA as an example here ... following an analysis done last week where most patterns in play I called the Trump Pattern. These are stocks that have gotten "crushed" as the DOW soared from 17,000 to 21,000 over the last 60 days. There are some really great chart patterns in play now as stocks are rebounding back up "doing the dead cat bounce" These stocks make great day-trade and swing trade opportunities in a top heavy market. If you watch a few key indicators, you can ride it up as the market is going down. And right now, the

The Gonzo Trade Play

MOJO ProTraders use this trade play based off signals inside the Level 2 ... watch the video here for more details and some EDUTAINMENT.

Types of Moving Averages

Most traders use moving averages when studying chart patters. A moving average is the average price of a security over a set amount of time. The three most common types of moving averages are simple, linear and exponential. Simple Moving Average (SMA) This is the most common method used to calculate the moving averages. It simply takes the sum of all of the past closing prices over the time period and divides the result by the number of prices used in the calculation. For example, in a 10-day moving average, the last 10 closing prices are added together and then divided by 10. Linear Weighted Average This moving average is the least common and is used to address the problem of the equal we

Paralysis 💣of Analysis

I have been asked several times lately by new traders how to overcome the fear of placing trades. Called in the MOJO room FOPB = Fear of Pressing the Button. Another is FOMO = Fear of missing out. All common 4 letter metaphors for the dreaded mess up. Just today with CBIO and UVXY and even CBLI to BUY people cant PULL THE TRIGGER - which transcends into the same TENDENCY TO BE PARALYZED AND NOT TAKE LOSSES AND OBEY YOUR STOPS WHEN IT IS TIME TO SELL. PRETTY CRAZY WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. WELL DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT!! One bad trade takes away 5 good ones and takes you back 2 days to make that back. So stay on course follow rules and it will make trading much easier and less stressful. To

Understanding 💰 Bankroll Management

The key to #daytrading is 💰 BANKROLL MANAGEMENT! As a trader your number one job is to manage risk. Your max loss on any trade should never be more than 10%. The more you lose, the more you must make to back to get back to break-even point. The grid below shows you why we never want to lose more than 10% on a single trade. The following chart exhibits the challenge of making your investment back after you lose it. Notice that the more you lose, the amount needed to break even grows exponentially. This is because the money lost is capital that is no longer available for investment. If you lose only 10%, you still have 90% of your capital available for investment. If you lose 50% you only

Meet ProTrader Simon

Some posts are special and need to be seen more than once ... Last year ProTrader Simon came to the MOJO Headquarters. He stayed with me for 3 days as I gave him one-one lessons on setting up his day trading business. Here learned so much and it was great having him here. He laid the foundations for a solid business. He day trades during the morning makes $500 to $1,000 and then he hits the pavement - a true marvel and street artist he is and amazing at what he does. Look at what he made for me... Even more impressive was the way he made it - watch this : Today's MOJO Show was pretty cool too ...

Meet ProTrader Alan

​What makes MOJO proud? Like a Father watching his child succeed and do great in life you get a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling is what drives the MOJO business. You see 9 out of 10 day traders fail at their attempt to make day trading a career. It's so easy to get involved in this venture of day trading. All you need to do is get a few thousand dollars then the firms gives you leverage to scalp stocks during the intraday session. This is great if you can make money every day as if you lose just one day it could set off a landslide that can take your account to the grave. There are only 20 days each month to make money and if you lose one day it takes 2 days to make that back. Then y

The Real Estate Flipper versus The Covered Call Writer

Lesson: Covered Call Writing - UVXY Live Examples PARTS 1 & 2 If you’re looking for an options strategy that provides the ability to produce income but may be less risky than simply buying stocks or the long drawn out real estate flip, you might want to consider selling covered calls. As long as you’re aware of the potential risks ... including transaction costs and tax and wash sale implications ... this basic strategy is designed to help generate income from stocks you already own, even within an IRA.


STOCK MARKET HOLIDAYS 2017 The Stock Market is Closed Friday | April 14, 2017 in Good Friday P.S. Over the Weekend Check Out The Episodes of The Mojo Day Trading LIVE Show

Festival of Traders Webinar Replay

Mojo Day Trading Learn How to Day Trade for a Living: Setting Up Your Day Trading Business Due to technical difficulties the video is muted until minute 13:00 start it there ...

Adaptive Algo Orders

The Adaptive algo order type combines IB's Smartrouting capabilities with user-defined priority settings in an effort to achieve further cost efficiency at the point of execution. Using the Adaptive algo leads to better execution prices on average than for regular limit or market orders. This algo can be used with a limit or market order and is designed to ensure that both market and aggressive limit orders trade between the spread. You can specify how urgently you want the order to fill using the "priority/urgency" selector in the algo window. This algo order type is most useful to an investor when the spread is wide, but is also helpful when the spread is only one tick. A regular market or

Understanding Level 2

SPECIAL OFFER ... Level 2 Training and Education Live ... this is the best selling video course of the educational series for MOJO University ... you can have it this weekend only for $24.50 from $49.00 ... 50% off ... use coupon code level2

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