June 2020 Highlighted Swing Trades

All Swing Picks Have An Emphasis On The MOJO SMALL CAP Style of Swing Trading. The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter Contains High Probability Swing Trade Play Setups. All Picks Come With Detailed Charts Along With Entries, Exits And Stop Prices.​ The Model Portfolio has LONGER TERM HOLDS. The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter: Comes in both PDF Format Every Sunday Night (2) To (5) NEW Swing Trade Picks Watch List Stocks may be in play during the week – There is an auto alert feature that sends you an email if the stock hits trigger price Approx. (2) Video Updates Per Week on Portfolio Holdings & Market Updates STOPS should be followed as per the Model Portfolio Spreadsheet PICK LIST: Consists of the To

Can Your Portfolio Survive A Stock Market Crash 💣

The markets are CRAZY!!! 💣 Then you know the current climate in the stock market is one of pessimistic speculation and crazy volatility. A lot of people are fearful of what may be yet to come. This causes some people to trade with scared money (a recipe for failure) or to not even trade at all! So many people who are relying on day trading as their primary source of income are left scared and helpless… Well, I am here to say “NOT ON MY WATCH!” At MOJO Day Trading, it is full steam ahead! Check out today's chat room profits: You see, at MOJO Day Trading, consistency is the key. My goal is to have my ProTraders add between 1%-5% to their accounts each day. If you do that over 20 trading

What is shorting a stock?

Shorting stocks leads to exciting wins and devastating losses. Not really a good formula for a marathoner day trader. What is shorting a stock? The definition of shorting a stock, according to Investopedia.com is: “The sale of a security that is not owned by the seller, or that the seller has borrowed. Short selling is motivated by the belief that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price to make a profit.” Day Traders have many different strategies. The most dangerous is called "shorting" when you bet for the stock to go lower not higher. Why is so dangerous? Because unlike a long position that goes against you the max you can lose with a short is UN

How the CME’s New Micro E-Mini Futures Work

Micro E-Mini Futures are New contracts that are about 1/10 of the standard emini contract size. let me show you how they can work for you and your different styles of trader. Maybe you’re a new trader afraid your trading method will fail and lose money. Perhaps you’re testing and not quite ready to put real money in your account. Maybe you want to take longer-term positions, such as swing trades. You might be a stock investor who needs to hedge an index fund or ETF, but whose stock positions are not quite large enough to match a full emini futures contract. Or, you might be an international trader who trades US Index CFDs (contracts for difference), but would rather trade through a regulated

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