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June 2020 Highlighted Swing Trades

All Swing Picks Have An Emphasis On The MOJO SMALL CAP Style of Swing Trading.

The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter Contains High Probability Swing Trade Play Setups.

All Picks Come With Detailed Charts Along With Entries, Exits And Stop Prices.​

The Model Portfolio has LONGER TERM HOLDS.

The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter:

  • Comes in both PDF Format

  • Every Sunday Night (2) To (5) NEW Swing Trade Picks Watch List Stocks may be in play during the week – There is an auto alert feature that sends you an email if the stock hits trigger price

  • Approx. (2) Video Updates Per Week on Portfolio Holdings & Market Updates

  • STOPS should be followed as per the Model Portfolio Spreadsheet

PICK LIST: Consists of the Top (1) to (5) Buys for the week

WATCH LIST: Consists of picks that become Buys once they cross trigger price of 1% to 5%

Trade plays for the newsletter include (Average Hold 6 Days): 1.HEINZ Trade Plays 2.Earnings Trade Plays 3.Great Chart Set Ups – Cup & Handles, Bottom Bouncers, Base Breakouts etc…


BOGO💥 BUY ONE SERVICE GET THE OTHER FREE 🎯 + PLUS + The MOJO Day Trading Course (Value Add $1,497!!) 🛒Go Here ➡️

Thank you for reading, keep it profitable

ProTrader Mike

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