$27,000 Day Trading Profits In One Day

How Sweet It Is! I told ya so... just read back the last few posts and you'll see the current climate in the stock market is one of pessimistic speculation and crazy volatility. A lot of people are fearful of what may be yet to come. This causes some people to trade with scared money (a recipe for failure) or to not even trade at all! So many people who are relying on day trading as their primary source of income are left scared and helpless… Well, I am here to say “NOT ON MY WATCH!” At MOJO Day Trading, it is full steam ahead! Check out today's chat room profits: Watch this LIVE trading how I did today: You see, at MOJO Day Trading, consistency is the key. My goal is to have my ProTrade


What do you do on slow trading days - do you have adjustment game plan? Some days the stock market just does offer many good opportunities. If your used to trading small caps and they are not in favor no matter how good the stock it it won't make you money. Some days they just can't stop coming your way. Same goes with poker, some days the cards are hot and some days the cards are cold. On the days when the market is cold or the cards are, how do you respond? Do you respond by getting bored or frustrated? Do you start trading anything and hunting for trades and do you playing trash hands like Ace 3 🤣? MOJO ProTraders NEVER do that - That would be the worst strategy possible! MOJO never re

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