Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Applications

Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated robots have already begun making their way into the world. The Manufacturing Industry Siemens, Harley Davidson, GE and Cisco all use smart, interconnected machines to run plants. The typical manufacturer is projected to see productivity increase 34%, workforce efficiency surge 48% and have annual plant savings of $1.5 million. The Health Care Industry The University of California San Francisco Medical Center has a robotics-controlled pharmacy that has dispensed 350,000 prescriptions without making one error. The next time you pick up your prescription, there might be a robotic pharmacist behind the counter. The Legal Industry The New York Times repor


You might as well get used to the Bitcoin headlines because cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin aren’t going away. Using history as my guide, this may only be the beginning of the run for Bitcoin. Bitcoin may be the most lucrative investment opportunity in the history of the world. I believe the Blockchain will be a new era of the internet. think of the blockchain as a more developed and secure planetary exchange powered by Artificial Intelligence and backed by cryptocurrency. The chain must go full circle through the miners that produce the coins building the crypto-sphere of peer to peer accountability. You know Jeff Bezos started Amazon just like that.... Let's see he had a book store in his ga

What It's Like Trading Stocks with a Master

Just imagine in your dreams that you are a day trader with a modicum of success. Then one day, you stumble upon a day trading chat room where there is one trader calling out a select few picks. Guess what? They're almost always the biggest winners of the day and are given to you before anyone else online knows about them. Wake up!!! You no longer have to dream of such a place because it exists in the real world: MOJO Day Trading Chatroom. Here is all you have to do Monday-Friday: 1. Join the service ( 2. Enter the room about 9:00 am 3. Log-in to your trading platform 4. Wait for ProTrader Mike to verbally and visually hand feed you the biggest winners of the day 5. Buy whe

How Bitcoin Mining Works

I was wearing my Bitcoin or Die Mining shirt and my waitress did not know what Bitcoin was. Oh there’s a decent likelihood that many of the people who stumble upon this article don’t even know what bitcoin is or Bitcoin Miners. How Bitcoin Mining Works Where do bitcoins come from? With paper money, a government decides when to print and distribute money. Bitcoin doesn't have a central government. With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. This provides a smart way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more people to mine. Bitcoin is Secure Bitcoin miners help keep the Bitcoin network se

Top Rated Mojo Videos of 2018

Did you know the Mojo Day Trade show has done 1500 Live YouTube shows every single day for past 6 years? Well, if you haven’t heard, this is been happening for over six years! There are some crazy good videos in that collection, so I want to share some of the ones I like Best in 2018! The LIVE Streaming usually begins live from YouTube at around 10:30 AM, but if you want to get up to the minute alerts, make sure to subscribe to the MOJO Day Trading YouTube channel or the MOJO Twitter Feed: Now, MOJO presents to you the Top MOJO Videos in the 2018 Gallery, for your viewing pleasure:

What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

By ProTrader Mike Have you ever come across the term cryptocurrency airdrop and wondered what it meant? Well, it’s nothing like the image you probably have in your head of an airplane dropping coins from the sky. In times of war, natural disaster, or other forms of crisis where the lives of people have been affected in places that are difficult to access by land, airdrops are carried out to provide essential supplies to people trapped in those zones. In the world of cryptocurrencies, airdrops have a different meaning. The cryptocurrency world has its own unique vocabulary which is expanding as the market evolves over time. In this article, cryptocurrency airdrops will be explained in detail.

What is Proof-of-Work?

By ProTrader Mike Picture courtesy of cointelegraph Proof-of-Work, or PoW, is the original consensus algorithm in a Blockchain network. In Blockchain, this algorithm is used to confirm transactions and produce new blocks to the chain. With PoW, miners compete against each other to complete transactions on the network and get rewarded. In a network users send each other digital tokens. A decentralized ledger gathers all the transactions into blocks. However, care should be taken to confirm the transactions and arrange blocks. This responsibility bears on special nodes called miners, and a process is called mining. The main working principles are a complicated mathematical puzzle and a possibi

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