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Where is Your Trading Focus?

When you log into your trading platform and the MOJO Day Trading Room in the morning, where is your focus? What thoughts are going through your mind? How many stocks are you focusing on? What is your mindset?

Today in the MOJO Room, I noticed many of the traders struggling to keep their focus in the right direction. While this happens from time to time, I felt it may be helpful to share a little from my perspective, in hopes of helping out the MOJO Team!

When you trading in the MOJO Room, don’t focus on the small moves. Stocks are going to move up a penny, down two pennies, up a penny. It is the flow of the action and should be expected by an experience trader. You will quickly come to realize; ProTrader Mike doesn’t worry or trouble himself with these picks very often. However, some less experienced traders overthink and overplay these situations, causing them massive worry from a minor move.

You don’t see many professional poker players thinking all day about what they should do with a pair of 5’s, so when trading stocks, don’t ruin your day by overthinking a small trade.

Rather, focus on the bigger plays!

You don’t want to be stuck on the nickel slot machine hoping to hit a score so you walk home with a bucket of nickels while the rest of the MOJO Team is on the Craps table rolling the dice with ProTrader Mike cashing in the big chips!

Those guys are going to walk out of the casino up a few thousand, so you definitely want to be hanging with that crowd!

Likewise, you don’t want to get stuck thinking about whether your stock will move up a penny, when the rest of the MOJO Team is hitting their daily goals on $TVIX and the days hot movers.

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Keep it profitable,

ProTrader Mike

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