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Golf Pro & Pro Trader

The game of Golf is very similar to game of day trading.

If you have talent and can dedicate yourself to the game the results will follow. My whole life I have been very competitive - playing every sport there is a kid. When I played sports I played to win same as I day trade to win. Simple as that!

When I participate in any activity, I strive to be the best, whether it is out on the golf course or trading the stocks. Personally, I see many similarities between golf and day trading. If you listen to every interview of the winning golfers what they say every time is I was "Patient" and I did NOT go for risks and make "Mistakes".

At MOJO Day Trading, ProTraders realize that trading is a marathon, not a sprint, just like in golf. You need a lot of patience and practice that brings consistency. In golf, every single shot in the round of golf matters, so does every single trade when it comes to trading.

At MOJO Day Trading, we recognize and take action so we are focused every single trade. Whenever a trade is called out and alerted in the MOJO Day Trading Room, you better believe it 's going to be a high probability winner. At MOJO we consistently strive shoot par or better, in other words we look to make 1-5% on money for the day as daily goal! That's shooting par for us.

You don't want to be like some golfers who have amazing holes where they hit the driver 300 yards and then sink a great putt for a birdie. But, that same guy hits it out of bounds on the next hole and they double bogey. They have the talent, but not the consistency, just like a runner who sprints to the head of the back during the start of a race only to be struggling to even cross the finish.

If your trading is above par then come join the MOJO team and get your game in order.

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