Investing vs. Sports Betting

Stock trading and investing is a very complex process that requires ongoing learning and constant strategy planning. We wrote not long ago about the idea of journaling to improve as a stock trader, and at the end of the day this is just one of innumerable personal tricks and practices you can put into place to do a better job in the markets. It’s a meticulous lifestyle, and one fraught with complications, risks, and, when you’re doing it right, rewards. Despite all of the work and preparation that goes into stock trading, however, many like to compare it to the far less precise art (perhaps a generous term) of sports betting. On the surface, the idea makes sense: both activities involve p

Becoming a Great Stock Trader

Journaling is the Seminal Act to Become a Great Stock Trader By ProTrader Alpha Journaling a task so simple is shunned by so many; a forgotten, avoided activity that separate the great from not-so-great traders. So why don’t you journal and learn? Don’t have time? Don’t know how? Keep it all in your head and don’t need to write it down? Afraid to tally the score and see the facts about your trading? All are poor excuses. Most professionals journal. Chefs, CEOs, golfers, fishermen, and football players are examples of professionals who journal. Why do they journal? Simply to learn and to get better. So why don’t you journal? THE NEW TRADING FOR A LIVING One of the best books on Trading is ‘

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