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Typical Tuesday with MOJO: Part 2

Hey there Traders - It's ProTrader Joe - kicking it on this Tuesday. Do you remember my blog post from last Tuesday?

Well, there must be something in the air when it comes to Tuesday’s at MOJO Day Trading, because we had another HUGE day today. In fact, many traders had their best day of the entire month this morning. While we are quite used to putting up big scores on a daily basis, today really stood out, and I felt it was necessary to draw attention to the phenomenal trading that went down in the MOJO Room.

How did we score? As always, you can check out our daily YouTube updates, where ProTrader Mike will take you through the day’s action:

Anybody serious about day trading should bookmark the MOJO YouTube page ( This is a great resource that lets you review the day’s action and see how the ProTraders are making their scores.

Today, the big score was $GIGA. It is rare for ProTrader Mike to call an “all in” but, sure enough, he yelled out those magic words this morning when he saw $GIGA was prepared to move.

How did the $GIGA all in play work for the MOJO Team? Take a look for yourself:

As you can see by the time stamps, within 25 minutes of the start of the day, MOJO traders had already recorded MASSIVE profits. ProTrader Colin earned $1358 by 9:47AM, ProTrader Miguel put up a score of $2050, and the always excellent ProTrader Alan reported a win of $3,211 by 9:53 AM. Some people are not even out of bed by that hour, and these MOJO traders were already up thousands!

Further, Trader Money scored big on only 6k shares of $GIGA, reporting earnings of $2160 in 9 minutes. That is $243.34 a minute. Not a bad earning rate…

15 minutes later, at 9:55AM, Trader Money reported to the chat a 73% account size increase. Personally, I think Trader Money said it best: “That’s ridiculous.” Where else are you going to make this type of money by 10AM? These results are simply unmatched. When MOJO calls an ALL IN you better believe we are scoring big!

Check out these poll results. This is by 9:45AM. Imagine reaching your daily trading goal of adding 1-5% to your account in 15 minutes. What about adding 5-10%? 10-20%? Or even 20% plus…. I know these seem like ambitious goals, but the proof is in the pudding. MOJO Day Traders increase their accounts exponentially on a daily basis.

Today was simply an amazing day at MOJO. The room was filled with excited ProTraders who were experiencing the adrenaline rush that comes with making the score of a lifetime. Do you want in on the action?!about/c1bwf


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