Fantastic Friday at MOJO Day Trading

At MOJO Day Trading, excellence is a way of life. Every morning, the MOJO ProTraders load up the MOJO Room with one thing in mind: profit.

So, it should be of no surprise that today MOJO ProTraders experienced another day of successful trading and impressive profits.

Some of the key trade plays, as called by ProTrader Mike, included a ‘Mini-Heinz’ of $ICLD at $3.50, a few slick $ISR buys, ‘Hulk’ type movement from $UVXY, and last but not least, an All-In Heinz of $PBMD.

Check out how much the All-In Heinz $PBMD play made MOJO Trader Jordi:


The money train didn’t stop there, as some of the MOJO Traders had already scored, even before the 9:50 am success of Trader Jordi:


Awesome job again to Trader Money, making $500 by 9:48 am and before heading out to the day job. Not bad at all, I wonder what Trader Money makes working all day for the man, surely not as much as they are making in the MOJO Room…

Take a quick look at our 5/22 daily poll results:


As you can see, 44% of all MOJO Traders added 1-5% to their accounts, 11% added 5-10%, 2% added 10-20% and 41% paper traded but made money. These are the type of outstanding results MOJO has become known for.

Finally, and most importantly, let’s check out how much money the MOJO Traders walked away with:


Wow! Great profits for only 45 minutes of work! Congratulations to ProTrader Alan, who earned $4,111… Superb effort! Future Pro Trader - Trader Walsh Gaugler paper trading also had a stand out day, coming in with $1002! Also, take note of ProTrader Sale, who made $3,800 in 15 minutes, which equates to $253.33 a minute! Not bad at all!

Make sure to take some time to check out our YouTube page, where ProTrader Mike uploads a daily recap video. Watch today’s here:

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


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