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BLOG TALK RADIO INTERVIEW - Meet MOJO's Millionaire Trader

MOJO Day Trading Interview - Blog Talk Radio - Topic: Meet MOJO's Millionaire Trader

"Trader Mouse" aka Randy Shrieber was scheduled to come on my on August 21st, but as the Founder of Mojo Trading puts it, "the cheese was not quite ready yet." Randy will be on tonight to share his journey from taking out a cash advance on his credit card to becoming America's newest millionaire by leveraging the Mojo trading style.

Joining Randy (& making his third appearance on the show) will be the Founder of Mojo Trading,Michael Rich.

Michael Rich 1st appeared on my show August 10 to speak about Mojo trading and how he has consistently achieved a ~95% success rate and an unthinkable winning streak.Since then I have been closely monitoring the performance and results via the Mojo chat room and the results have been incredible.Members have been hitting their goals w/in the first 30 minutes of trading.

Mike's 2nd appearance was w/ entreprenuer turned trader, Alan Schuh.Alan recently decided to "retire" & shut down his insurance business to trade professionally.

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