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What's cool I did'nt even know this review was being conducted. It's real deal and honest glad to see some people can shed light on whats real deal and what's fake.

Here is the Review: and link to review =

Welcome to my review of the MOJO Trading service. For those not familiar with this paid monthly subscription, the MOJO Day Trading room allows you to listen in and watch @ProTraderMike as he buys and sells stock in “real-time”.

I subscribed to the MOJO Trading service during March – April 2015.

After finding Timothy Sykes, then Nathan with Investors Undeground. I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if a Guru called out their trades live” as they happen?

Email and chat rooms aren’t really my thing. There’s just too much to read, and chasing chat room picks all morning can get old quick! I guess you could call me lazy at times. I just want the relevant information, you can skip the details.

I think that’s what drew me into MOJO. That and I wanted to see if someone could call out winning trades day after day. I was never disappointment in @ProTraderMike. I believe he knows how to spot the complex intricacies that make for a winning trade. I won quite a bit of the trades I followed along with.

What you should expect.

For those who sign up for MOJO Trading, you’ll find the chat room to be well-moderated and always on track. Starting around 9:00 am each trading day, you’ll have live visual access to Mike’s trading platform as he looks for the best trade setups. Some time between 9:15 am and 9:25 am, Mike will begin to call out a number of stocks that could be in play.

Right at the opening bell, Mike will begin trading some of the most violate stocks of the day. You’ll be able to hear his voice and see his trading platform all in real-time. The trades happen fast, you may want to just spectate for the first couple of days.

Mike trades the morning run-up. He’s not really interested in trading after 10:30 am unless something big is happening. From 9:30 am to 9:45 am, most days are action packed, exciting and above all, very educational.

So what’s missing?

To go that extra mile, I think it would be worth wild to see each trade as its being placed. With the MOJO Trading service, you can see @ProTraderMike‘s trading platform but not the order entry windows. I believe seeing the entry and exit on occasion would help beginners learn how to properly scale in and out.

Final Thoughts

I think Mike offers a service that most beginning traders could benefit from. The MOJO room allows to you watch an experienced trader WIN.

Almost every chat room and DVD Guru that I’ve encountered preaches the same thing. “Stay away from services that call out live picks”.

That had me extremely skeptical of the MOJO day trading service at first. I then started watching the daily trading recaps on YouTube. That helped to show me the type of guy Mike was, and the tone of the room.

As you’ll find, Mike is an upbeat guy with a good sense of humor, good taste in music and someone who is very passionate about trading.

Overall I believe the MOJO Trading service is worth your time.


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