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5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

Life is a journey of personal development. Every day you should be actively working to better yourself, whether it be working to improve your mind, your body, your career, or your personal life at home. Every day is an opportunity to improve and get better. At MOJO Day Trading, we take this message to heart.

Each morning when I open up the day trading room, I am working to build on the success of yesterday. I am never satisfied and neither are the MOJO ProTraders. Every single day we are pushing to become better traders. That is my goal. I want everyone on the MOJO Team to become a ProTrader who can ditch the 9-5 life and live their dream of becoming a professional day trader.

All of this sounds well and good, but getting to that point and even getting to a place where you are in the position to be successful is quite difficult. During these tough times, I turn to great minds and leaders for inspiration.

Jim Rohn is a famous entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. His famous rags to riches story has inspired many. Additionally, Rohn may be most famous for being the mentor of the ever-inspiring Tony Robbins.

I very much enjoy the writings and thoughts of Jim Rohn and feel that you can use his works as inspiration and a road map that can help guide you to success.

Jim Rohn famously wrote “The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle”, which I personally found very profound and meaningful. When I read through his thoughts, I also found myself relating many of his points back to day trading and the MOJO Day Trading Room.

  • Philosophy: How you think

To be a successful day trader, you must think like a winner. Mental toughness is one of the main pieces of the puzzle and is certainly what separates the winning traders from the losing traders. Take this morning for instance, the market was brutal and the trading day got off to a rough start for the MOJO Team. Did I quit and cry? No. I was resilient. I refused to lose. I hung in there. I have the mental makeup of a champion and always have. So do the MOJO ProTraders. We stuck to the system and never went off the reservation. After an hour or so, we had figured it out and fought all the way back to the profits. Just look at ProTrader Alan, he was set to have his first losing day since last November, but he refused to lose. He could have got up and walked away, but he stuck it out. He used his winning philosophy and turned a losing day into a winner.

  • Attitude: How you feel

I have a “DGF” attitude. I refuse to mentally recognize failure. My mindset is bulletproof and zeroed in on success. All I think about is running the best day trading room on the planet and winning at my trades. I feel like a winner, think like a winner, act like a winner. In turn, I have become a great success. The MOJO ProTraders have this same attitude. They talk the talk and walk the walk. They are able to be confident in their abilities because they know they have the training it takes. They passed MOJO U, so they know the system so well they could do it with their eyes closed. It is second nature.

  • Action: What you do

This is a major issue in the day trading industry. Oftentimes, you hear all about how amazing a certain trader is. You see them talk and talk about how successful they are, but you know what is missing? Results. Action. The important stuff in life. At MOJO, we may talk the talk, but you better believe we are backing it up with our actions! Every morning we let our actions do the talking. We execute our trades flawlessly, whether it be a Heinz, Hulk, Lemon Squeeze or All In. Actions speak louder than words and the MOJO ProTraders let their brilliant trades and profitable results do all the talking!

  • Results: Measure often to see if you are making progress

Journal. Write everything down, it will only make you better. Seriously, keep a journal of everything. Keep a journal of every single trade you make, take notes on what went right, what went wrong, what can you improve on, what should you look out for next time. Anything that could possibly help you learn and grow as a trader, you need to write down in your journal. You should have journals for everything. I kept amazingly detailed records during my days as a professional poker player. I still keep extremely diligent notes in my golf journal. If you follow my twitter, you have seen my score cards. I record every single shot. It is the secret to my success. Additionally, I keep amazingly diligent trading results, which you can see on my website. I keep both day trading and swing trading results. 100% transparency, it is like giving you a look into my own personal journal. All MOJO ProTraders keep trading journals, and you should too.

  • Lifestyle: The kind of life you can make for yourself out of the first four pieces

Lifestyle is the end results of the first four factors: philosophy, attitude, action, and results. Your lifestyle if what defines you. It is who and what you are. Your lifestyle is your career, hobbies, family and friends tied into one. Personally, many people would complement my lifestyle. I have a beautiful family, a great home, a nice car and an amazing business. I live in one of the nicest areas of the country and have endless options between the beach, fishing, golfing and other recreational activities. I have a healthy and happy family. My lifestyle has finally reached a point where everything has come together. This is a results of the work I put in. It is a result of years of trading every morning and keeping diligent notes. It is a result of my positive life philosophy, winner’s attitude and backing up my talk with actions. The MOJO Lifestyle is about living the life you want. We do not want to be tied to our computers all day chasing profits and losses. We meet at 9:30 and trade until about 11. Then we shut it down and head off to enjoy the rest of our days. Golf is my passion, but other MOJO Traders like to work out, fish, or work on side businesses. That is the best thing about MOJO, we can help you get the lifestyle you want, but you define it for yourself!

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