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JUNE 2015 IS ENDING!!!!! It seems that MOJO Day Trading grows bigger and more prominent as the calendar turns. We just finished June, and I could not be more pleased with the progress I see. The team of MOJO ProTraders is rapidly expanding, and our upcoming July session of MOJO University promises to be bigger and better than ever. CLICK HERE

Additionally, as MOJO grows, so has our success in the markets. We have been absolutely cleaning up! June was, as expected, another fantastic month. Many MOJO Traders made a lot of money this month and plan to build on their momentum in July.

In June, I was 318 out of 305 when it came to day trades, which is 96% accuracy! That is MOJO, baby! We had an average scalp of $0.11, so if you do that 300 times, you will be in pretty good shape!

Check out the results for yourself here: CLICK HERE

You can also check out the daily video recaps for each day of June in the MOJO Day Trading Room here: CLICK HERE

We also had a fantastic month of swing trading! Nobody has a better swing trade portfolio than MOJO, especially with the floundering market! In June, I was 113 of 113 scaled in and scaled out tradeplays for 100% accuracy in my swing trades! Perfect game! What a month, tough to top that! We had an average hold of 5 days, making the MOJO Swing Trading Newsletter perfect for those busy during day trading hours. The average percent gain per trade was an impressive 9.30%. It will be tough to top these type of premier results, but that is my goal for July!

Check out the June swing trading results here: CLICK HERE

You can watch the June swing trading video updates here: CLICK HERE

Great month MOJO Traders, I am impressed by the focus, determination, and dedication all of you have shown. We have fought hard to be in this position, so let’s keep building on the momentum and aim for an even better July!

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