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Welcome back from the July 4th holiday break! I hope everyone enjoyed the 4 days off and used the time to refresh their mind and refocus for a long summer of trading! I am expecting to build on the profitable momentum of June into a repeat for July.


The break was so well needed and deserved to refresh the batteries and repower the mind. Back in the day BEFORE Day Trading vacation meant the 3 star to 4 star Hotel but the 5 Star NEVER justified the BUDGET due to family matters and monthly NUT!!


Now I have no NUT - Day Trading has afforded me a much better lifestyle - now we stayed at the Four Seasons and it was really cool. Be pampered then then going out into the real world is 2 different realities. It's amazing how 2 people can go on the same vacation but have completely different experiences. This is the same for trading ya know - 2 same trades yet one loses and one wins - why????

Come to my webinar on Wednesday Night July 8th and I will show you that plus a lot more. Ho MOJO traders are creating financial independence and a business for themselves that will last their lifetimes.


Today we started right back where we left off last month. The market has been volatile downtrending and the trend is MOJO friend and stocks and markets in motion stay in motion. MOJO is showing in this type of market really that the system really works. The amateurs are going to be making all kind of mistakes. They are going to panic, get nervous, or jump the gun. They are going to chase loses and get greedy. MOJO and the expert ProTraders are not going to make any of these mistakes. What separates the best from the mediocre are the MISTAKES!!! Just ask Tiger Woods he'll tell ya know!!!

More than ever, you must remember to stick to the plan and stay on the reservation. This is a business, so treat it as such, and don’t trade once we finish up around 11am.


Did you think today was a tough day - Down 170 then Even then back Down 100 - Most traders lost today but not MOJO we traded $ENZN, $FB and the real money maker $NUGT. If you want to be done anyday up down or sideays by 11:00am - you need a system and I have one and will teach it to you. Just like these traders here:



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