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This is the BEST WEEK IN MOJO History. I have been running MOJO Day Trading for three years now. Over the years, I have been 100% transparent, updating the results section of my website on a daily basis, showing my followers exactly what I am trading and how. Take a few minutes and go through my results, they are all on my site for your viewing pleasure. You can find past results by scrolling through the bottom of the page:!day-trade-results/ca8v

What stands out to me most so far from the August 2015 results is the massive average scalp we have been able to maintain. In the past, I usually have about a $0.12 average scalp, but this month, MOJO is averaging a very impressive $0.38 scalp per trade! What amazing results!

Simply put, we are taking it to the next level. We have had a record setting past few days, with many traders setting their personal records for profits in a single day. My inbox has been absolutely flooded with clients thanking me for guiding them to the best trading day of their lives!

So how have we got our average scalp up all the way to $0.38? We have been absolutely dominating the $AQXP trades. Take a look:

Phenomenal results! Look at those massive scalps of $5.00 and $14.25! MOJO is dominating the market. I am sure you can see how, with results like this, the MOJO ProTraders were able to put together the best trading days of their lives!

If you want to see the action live, then you need to check out the 8/10 MOJO Day Trading Video Recap. It has nearly 500 views so far:

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