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Time to Join the Winning Team…

It has been a wild week in the stock market, on Monday the DOW dropped 1,000 points in the first 10 minutes of the day!

We witnessed a massive selloff that caused a lot of people to lose a lot of money. Trust me, I am on Twitter and I saw plenty of tweets from people who had lost the majority of their accounts. But you know what I did not see? I did not see one tweet from a MOJO Trader about losing. Conversely, the feedback from the MOJO Traders has been nothing but positive. I have always said, and it remains true, MOJO is at its best when the market is down. We have been thriving and continuing our winning streak, business as usual at MOJO Day Trading.

For instance, on Monday, we made great money, despite the historic movement and drop in the market. We held on in an amazing $TWTR trade that took true leadership, patience and a core belief in the MOJO system. On Tuesday, my $FORD call stood out, making for a lot of happy and profitable MOJO Traders, as it shot up 45% from $1.05! Today, we continued our domination, trading $SUNE $UVXY, $ANFI, $ITEK, $USO and $JNUG like the champions that we are.

So if you are losing in the market, the choice is yours… Are you going to continue to lose your hard earned money making ill-advised traders, or are you going to join the elite MOJO Day Trading Team and make money using a highly profitable system based around positive expectancy?

Look at it this way, if you are losing and things aren’t going right, why would you not try to correct that behavior? Why wouldn’t you seek out the education and resources required for being successful? That is the difference between a profitable trader and a losing trader. Stop blaming the economy, China, questions about interest rates and Wall Street corruption. Take the power into your own hands by joining an elite team of traders that are focused on one thing and one thing alone: success.

As I’ve been advertising, the next session of MOJO University is coming quickly upon us. Class begins September 8th and seats are filling quickly. Every day, my inbox is filled with people begging me to get into this class. This volatile market is making people wise up quick. They are realizing they need to invest in themselves and their educations as a trader if they are going to beat this market. They recognize the value of a mentor that is going to have your back at all times and that is willing to lead you to the promise land, even when everyone else is crashing and burning.

If you are struggling to make a profit in this market, you need to join the MOJO Day Trading Room and apply to take MOJO University. To reserve your seat for the September 8th MOJO University, follow this link:!mojo-university/c1hvn

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