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MOJO Traders Strike Oil

MOJO Day Trading has done it again and again and again and again and again - i think I can do this now 13 times. As that is the number of times in the last 30 days MOJO Swing Traders have cashed in on the Gold Flow. First it went from $7.50 to $13.03 - MOJO sold all along the way and others had covered calls they did super, Then a week goes by we stay away andit drops back down to test bedrock at $7.50 and actually crashed below that where I put out the NEW BUY at $6.50

Now we cruise to today and JNUG rockets to $7.90 - up a huge $1.40 - cha ching!!!

I am sitting doing my afternoon routine when all of a sudden......JNUG crashes $1.00 in 5 minutes from $7.70 to $6.90 - I quickly fired up the machine and shot the newsletter out for a rebuy (#13 of #13 now) GO LONG $6.90 and under.....

Well about 15 minutes goes by and it's close to the end of the day and JNUG closes at $7.80 - UNREAL FOLKS JUST UNREAL!!!

Enough Gold talk - lets talk OIL!!!

Once again, I have put my money where my mouth, pulled my pants down and put my butt on the line (again) as that is what true stock picking Gurus do - they pick great stock at the right time. The others that get in the flow late just ride MOJO's coat tails.

Now for Oil - recognizing the opportunity (2) weeks ago - I wrote (3) Blog Posts about going long Oil stocks. All of this have to say thanks again to Mr. Michael Berry - my silent Mentor :)


The MOJO System and Team have been annihilating the market this month! We are keeping things steady as we can, trying to stay humble and not to over confident. I tell you it's tough - what a thing to have to overcome huh? Better than losses - speaking of that if you are losing while reading this and have made it to this point - I want to give you a special 30% off deal just for you = GO HERE

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