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Success Doesn't Just Come And Find You, You Have To Go Out And Get It.

Yesterday, I told you how MOJO struck oil! Today, I am back to let you know that the MOJO Oil Boom is continuing! Catasrophe - yeah the 40% gain 2 days what a catasrophe. Nice to be following MOJO Swing Picks and also MOJO Day Trade Room Picks as we have been trading Oil in both places. August will go down in histroy as the most volatile month showing swings of 3000 points in one day and over 7000 points for the week in wild swings.

I will always remeber this month August 2015 as it was my birthday month and something always happen crazy in that month, and that was it so I will never forget - the AQXP trade - the OMER trade - the CLTX trade - the JNUG & NUGT tradess 13 times for 13 times - and to cap it off the Oil trades with USO & UWTI each moving 50% in 3 days.

The Oil stock movement has been truly unbelievable and created an environment where there is "BIG" money to be made. Perfect example, take a look at this article about the Japanese day trader who made $34 million while the rest of the world hit the panic button: If you want a piece of this oil boom, MOJO Day Trading is the place to be. At MOJO, you can profit not only from the live trade calls in the room, but also the swing picks, which have been on fire for the whole month! Just take a look at this before and after shot of the $USO trade where MOJO got in with a cost of $12.50 before it shot up to $14.85!

That trade is a thing of beauty and reminds me of the $JNUG bottom call that was made earlier in the week. Perhaps most impressively, this call was made 1 week ago today, on August 21st:!Does-MOJO-Have-Crystal-Ball/cgpn/55d6a55b0cf21fd94cc13cb3

Watch today’s video recap for a review of these amazing oil trades, as well as a lesson on how to trade with a small account:

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