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Hurricane Season

It's that time of the year - Hurricane Season. Last week the market got drenched with Hurricane force selloing as the markets dropped over 1000 points. Here is image of that day.

Hurrican Erika showed up this weekend and brought another gale force of selling to the markets as today ended down 469 points. Every clioud has a silver lining and that for mOJO is our UVXY position. See we have had that LONG in the portfoilio for over 6 months now and some traders have the stock with a cost under $30.00 - Did you see where UVXY high was today at $91.25 - all this has happened within the past 30 days folks. A truly monumentous trade play for MOJO traders.

Now that is old history as a new month always brings about a new start. For instance, every month I reload a small trading account and grow it up steadily before cashing out at the end of the month and starting over. I do this to show my traders it is possible to grow a small account on a daily basis doing only the MOJO Heinz Trade Plays.

As a new month is always a new beginning, today was quite the hot start for the MOJO Team! This morning, MOJO executed the perfect trade play! MOJO Traders, with my leadership, got into $TRVN under $8.00, at $7.85, recognizing the HEINZ Trade play. But it didn’t stop there! MOJO rode $TRVN all the way up to $10.60, allowing many MOJO Traders to hit their goals and close down their personal trading businesses for the day by 10am! If that isn’t an awesome business, I don’t know what is! What an amazing trade to start the month, check out the ecstatic response by some of my MOJO ProTraders:

That incredible $TRVN trade was the perfect trade to start a profitable day! We also knocked it out of the park with $SUNE and $STXS, all combining to make this first of the month one to remember! Check out today’s MOJO Day Trade Room Video Recap to see how we pulled off a legendary first of the month:

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