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MOJO - A Hero (No Way)

Playing the stock market isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have patience, emotional control and a lot of courage, this is not the game for you.

Today’s trading and wild action in the market proves this point.

This morning, the MOJO Team put on one of the best performances of the month! It was an all-around team effort, led by the day’s big hero, ProTrader Mike. ProTrader Mike showed the team why experience pays off, as he called for the team to be patient, rather than panic during the $SVXY trade.

Many other trading room moderators would have panicked, due to a lack of experience and journaling, which would have led many MOJO ProTraders to lose their accounts. Instead, ProTrader Mike told the room that he has seen this before, he recognizes it from him journal, and the best play is to use extreme patience, waiting for the perfect moment to collect profits from $SVXY. The overall market was down 250 points and UVXY up 8 points - recognizing that is the top - ProTrader Mike's confidence kept me in the trade and my account went from a nice size loss to a profit.

Rather than taking the next (3) days to make back a loss staying on the resrvation eliminated that obstacle and sent me forwars instead of backwarsds. Now check out what the MOJO Team had to say about today’s trading and the leadership displayed by ProTrader Mike:

It was really just a phenomenal day that epitomizes what the MOJO Team is all about. We trade with a ‘DGF’ attitude, completely focused on trading with positive expectancy. We don’t panic if the stock is down and we don’t focus on the P&L while we are trading. It’s all about making the right move at the exact right time, and that is what we did today.

Check out today’s awesome daily recap video to see the MOJO Team trade live:

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