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What makes MOJO proud? Like a Father watching his child succeed and do great in life you get a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling is what drives the MOJO business. You see 9 out of 10 day traders fail at their attempt to make day trading a career. It's so easy to get involved in this venture of day trading. All you need to do is get a few thousand dollars then the firms gives you leverage to scalp stocks during the intraday session. This is great if you can make money every day as if you lose just one day it could set off a landslide that can take your account to the grave. There are only 20 days each month to make money and if you lose one day it takes 2 days to make that back. Then you have 17 days left to make enough to pay all the bills and have left over. Otherwise WHY oh WHY would you do this for a living as a LOSER trader?

MOJO has been changing the curve of losing traders. Once you have been properly educated by a master with proven success your chances of succeeding greatly improve. So why spend so many thousands of dollars and give that to the firms that you just lose at in the form of commissions and why waste stupid trades and losses that should not have happened when you can use that money to get educated and learn how to trade like a ProTrader?

Your answers are easy and right in front of you...I am extending an invitation for the next class of MOJO University and your invited. The current session of MOJO University is ending next week and a new class will start November 10th. This class there are 60 traders currently participating. The next class will be smaller limited to just the first 20 that register. There are already 9 that have so 11 spots remain. It would be in the best interest of your future and your career to make the decision to get educated and allow more to be your partner in the game of the Stockmarket. This is a lifetime venture I have accepted with over 150 current ProTraders that have all passed MOJO University and currently spend their morning every day in the MOJO Day Trade Room.

Please listen to ProTrader Alan talk from the heart about what MOJO Day Trading is really about and what it has done for him.

TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT IN THE NOVEMBER CLASS OF MOJO UNIVERSITY - send me an email at and make your request

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