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The Big Day

Thursday 11/12, we reviewed how to grow a trading account while avoiding variance - here is link to that post

Today, let’s focus on putting that plan into action.

As you may have heard ProTrader Mike say in the MOJO Day Trading Room, every trading month has about 3 big days out of the 20 available. These are the days where you really make a good score, profit wise. However, keep in mind, that these days come naturally, and cannot be forced. If you are attempting to force big days, you are not trading with a variance free, positive expectation system.

Thursday the MOJO Team had a big, big day! It was the type of morning where everything works perfectly. Each trade seemed to work perfectly! $SPHS was unreal, $EYEG was a monster, and $JNUG was a GOLDEN! MOJO entered these stocks at the perfect time and then scaled out Dominating ProTrader Style!

Rather, than tell you how the MOJO Team made these phenomenal trades happen, we prefer to show you!

Check out 11/12 MOJO Day Trading Room Video Recap to see how the MOJO ProTraders make big days like today happen:

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