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Day of Rest

You hear me say it every day, “Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.” Truer words have never been spoken. However, it is important to realize that when training for the marathon that is a career as a day trader, you must also embrace the idea of having a ‘day of rest’.

Look, day trading is hard. It is a grind. Day in and day out, it is mentally taxing and takes all of your focus. Another reason that most day traders fail, it is a competitive industry where only the elite survive long term!

Thus, it is essential that all day trader embrace the idea of a day of rest. Everybody needs time to recoup and refresh their engines. Whether you’ve been doing good or bad with your trades, everyone eventually needs to take a step back to just relax.

What will spark your need for a day of rest? Maybe it will be really big day, like the MOJO Team had today trading $KBIO and $UVXY, or maybe it will be a really bad day, like the guy who foolishly shorted $KBIO at the close yesterday ( Whatever makes you personally realize you need a day of rest, embrace it.

Just take a look at the MOJO Team. This morning, the team absolutely dominated the market. The team of MOJO Traders had essentially beaten all of their goals before the market even opened! The $KBIO trading was that good!

What is the MOJO Team up to this afternoon? Well, many of them have decided to head out to the golf course, others said they would head to the gym and then crack open an ice cold beer.

It doesn’t matter how you want to spend your day of rest; the important thing is that you take one. We all need some reflective and relaxing time to regather our thoughts, mindset, and emotions.

We all need to take time to look ourselves in the mirror.

We all need to take time to check ourselves. Whether you have been winning with your trades or losing with your trades, a day of rest is equally important.

You know what many MOJO Traders have found useful in embracing their day of rest? Being a member of a team.

Why does this help?

Well think about it… If you are a lone wolf trader, who is there to tell you to take a step back? Who is there to tell you to log off, you’ve already hit your goal, enjoy the rest of the day, get a great lunch, hit some golf balls, and have dinner with your family? Who is there to suggest you take some time writing in your trading journal and analyzing what went right and what went wrong?

If you want the answer, just ask the guy who shorted $KBIO at the close yesterday… Do you think he wish he had a team like MOJO to knock some sense into him? Right now, he has $106,000 worth of reasons he should have been in the MOJO Day Trading Room… Ask yourself, if that trader went through MOJO University would he have still been trading, let alone shorting, stocks at that hour?

The answer is no. In fact, ProTrader Mike was explicitly clear on Twitter around that same time that $KBIO was going to be a big winner the next day. It is literally impossible for a MOJO Trader to have made that mistake.

Conversely, a member of the MOJO Day Trading Team would have already been embracing aday of rest. We had a great day of trading yesterday, and the MOJO Team had long hit our goals and logged off for the day by that point!

While MOJO was embracing a great afternoon of rest, others were busy losing over $100k shorting stocks.

Are you beginning to see the benefits of being on a team with over 100+ elite ProTraders? Every morning we log in and bounce ideas off each other. We have each other’s backs. We hold each other accountable. Every day, ProTrader Mike holds the team accountable and reminds us that once we hit our goal for the day, to log off. Take ProTrader Alan for example, once he hits his goal for the day, he is gone! Sometimes ProTrader Alan doesn’t even stick around long enough for the Daily Recap Video! He has already hit his goal and he is off to enjoy the rest of his day! If he wanted to be grinding out a 9-5 he would have stayed in the insurance business. Instead, he is now working on a winning streak of over ONE YEAR without a single losing day!

Being on the MOJO Day Trading Team can be the difference between enjoying a great morning of profitable HEINZ trades then enjoying an afternoon of leisure and relaxing or making life changing mistakes in deciding to short stocks before the close, only to wind up $106k in debt!

Now, kick back, relax and spend some time watching the MOJO Day Trading 11/19 Video Recap. You’ve earned it:

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